Cooking Recipes, Pakistani Cooking shows, and Cooking Videos. en Glossy Chops, Pomegranate Souffle And Garlic Bread by Shireen Anwer Chicken Mayo Roll With Garlic Dip by Chef Jalal Green Egg Sandwich by Ayesha Abrar Chickpeas Soup by Chef Mahin Khan Murgh Kashmiri Chicken by Chef Jalal Zakuni Pa Mizan Pan Cake by Chef Mahin Khan White Sauce Facchini Pasta by Chef Amir Iqbal Chicken Patties And Kashmiri Chai by Ruby Taj Aloo Palak by Ayesha Abrar Classic Minestrone Soup, Egg Drop Soup And Garlic Bread Sticks by Zarnak Sidhwa Green Vegetable Salad, Grilled Prawn Skewers And Plum Sauce by Rida Aftab Cappuccino Cup Cakes With Frosting And Danish Cookies by Zubaida Tariq Fruit & Chili Salad by Rida Aftab Lauki Kabab Curry by Rida Aftab French Cucumber Salad by Shireen Anwer Strawberry Bavarian by Shireen Anwer Anday Ki Curry by Shireen Anwer Bihari Masala Roast by Shireen Anwer Pan Paira by Chef Gulzar Chicken Bomber by Chef Gulzar Classic Burgers by Zarnak Sidhwa Chocolate Shortbread Cookies by Zarnak Sidhwa Coronation Chicken, Coronation Staw And Rainbow Beef In Lettuce Leaves by Chef Gulzar Bread Rolls And Chicken Tortilla Soup by Zarnak Sidhwa Bounty Chocolate Cake And Lemon Chiffon Cake by Chef Asad Mint Chicken by Chef Jalal Baked Chicken Mushroom And Egg Fried Rice by Chef Amir Iqbal Dhaba Wali Chicken And Khubani Colada by Ayesha Abrar Murgh Nawabi With Rice by Ruby Taj Pa Mizan Crusted Chicken by Chef Mahin Khan Shahi Gobi by Rida Aftab Chicken Peanut Stir Fry by Rida Aftab Irish Stew by Shireen Anwer Garlic Pizza Bread by Shireen Anwer Grilled Chicken Sandwich by Shireen Anwer Mushroom Alfredo by Shireen Anwer Pooray by Chef Gulzar Keema Baigan Tandoori by Chef Gulzar Haray Masalay Ki Daal by Chef Gulzar Kishmish Ki Chutney by Zubaida Tariq Anday Ki Biryani by Zubaida Tariq Two Colored Mac N Cheese by Zarnak Sidhwa Fruit N Nut Cookies by Zarnak Sidhwa Curry Patta Pulao And Machli Ka Shorba by Rida Aftab Mustard Prawn With Vegetables And Chicken Manchow Soup by Zubaida Tariq Thai Spicy Stir Fried Chicken And Mulligatawny Soup by Shireen Anwer Tips by Shah Nazir Mooli Chicken Gravy And Mooli Ky Patton Ki Chutney by Chef Gulzar Chicken Latif And Malai Kulfa Falooda by Zubaida Tariq Thai Coconut Milk Soup And Mexican Soup by Zarnak Sidhwa