Cooking Recipes, Pakistani Cooking shows, and Cooking Videos. en Easy Mini Pizza And Baked Khoya Bread by Rida Aftab Oil For Hair by Shah Nazir Crispy Chicken Kabab by Zubaida Tariq Orange Brownies, Desi Tarka Pasta And Tinday Ki Tarkari by Shireen Anwer Parsi Custard And Red Pumpkin Patio by Zarnak Sidhwa Baked Fish And Steamed Brown Rice by Rida Aftab Chicken Hotpot And Mocha Cream Dessert by Zubaida Tariq Chicken Strips With Green Chilies And Roasted Chicken With Carrots by Rida Aftab Prawn Paella, Vegetarian Roast And Passion Cocktail by Chef Gulzar Banana Curry And Mooli Ka Halwa by Chef Zakir Keema Per Eeda And Pawwa by Zarnak Sidhwa Fried Vegetables Balls And Fish Ki Tikiya by Chef Zakir Sweet And Sour Fish Soup And Sesame Chicken Wings by Chef Asad Palak Soup by Lamaan Malik (Host Aisha Abrar) Lemon Chicken by Lamaan Malik (Host Aisha Abrar) Cappuccino Chocolates, Cookies & Cream Chocolates, Peanut Butter & Jelly Cups And Peppermint Chocolates by Shireen Anwer Pulao Biryani And Keema Cholay by Zubaida Tariq Garlic Prawns With Bell Pepper, Egg Fried Rice And Fried Prawns by Chef Asad Murgh Khichdi by Shireen Anwer Rose Kulfi by Rida Aftab Achari Imli Keema by Rida Aftab Black Forest Frosty by Shireen Anwer Triple Decker Sandwich by Shireen Anwer Passion Drink by Chef Gulzar Pineapple Upside Down Cake by Chef Gulzar Texas Platter by Chef Gulzar Arabic Shawarma, Pad Thai Noodles And Thai Style Red Kabab by Shireen Anwer Sufaid Lobia Gosht And Beans Fruit Salad by Chef Gulzar Aloo Matar Rice by Chef Zakir Bourbon Chicken, Shanghai Noodles And Vegetable Soup by Chef Asad Date Almond Smoothie And Banana Smoothie by Lamaan Malik (Host Aisha Abrar) Egg Fried Rice by Zubaida Tariq Sweet & Sour Prawns by Zubaida Tariq Coconut Ice Cream by Zarnak Sidhwa Ice Cream Base by Zarnak Sidhwa Lentils & Oats Haleem And Sabzi Pulao by Rida Aftab Ginger Mutton Curry And Tomato & Garlic Chutney by Zubaida Tariq Dilkhush Murghi, Khatoo Mithoo Bhejoo And Irani Raita by Zarnak Sidhwa Shireen And Chocolate Shake by Ayesha Abrar Kathiawari Baingan And Gujarati Dal by Ruby Taj Arabic Beef With Potato Pie by Chef Mahin Khan Red Bean Salad With Bake Chicken by Lamaan Malik (Host Aisha Abrar) Japanese Style Burger, Yakitori Chicken And Fish Bar by Chef Gulzar Dry Beef With Chilies And Vegetable Fried Rice by Zubaida Tariq Fattoush, Shish Taouk, Kamaruddin And Mouhalabieh by Zarnak Sidhwa Soya Daal, Tamatar Gosht And Zeera Biscuit by Shireen Anwer Murgh Cholay And Til Walay Naan by Rida Aftab Keema Pudina Rice And Tandoori Gobi Gosht by Chef Asad Hi Tea Roll And Fish Salad by Chef Zakir Sri Lankan Style Fish And Chutney Aloo by Chef Zakir