// Cooking Recipes, Pakistani Cooking shows, and Cooking Videos. en Cheese Muffins And Cauliflower Peas Curry by Zarnak Sidhwa // Chicken Kastoori Boti, Chocolate Bars And Tangy Vegetable Salad by Rida Aftab // Kholambo, Fish Curry In Thai Style And Chicken Corn Mushroom Soup by Chef Gulzar // Mexican Chicken, Chili Rice And Stir Fried Prawns With Vegetables by Shireen Anwer // Chicken Fried Rice And Mughlai Vegetable Korma by Zarnak Sidhwa // Keema Masala And Chicken Cheese Pulao by Zubaida Tariq // Balochi Pulao And Balochi Gosht by Rida Aftab // Pizza Pinwheels, Chocolate Pops And Cream Coffee by Chef Gulzar // Lasagna Cups, Prawn Sizzler In Black Pepper Sauce And Kabuli Kabab by Shireen Anwer // Brinjal Vindaloo And Chatpatay Namak Paray by Zarnak Sidhwa // Mushroom Sauce Walay Pasanday And Fruit Salad by Zubaida Tariq // Mutanjan And Keema Matar Biryani by Rida Aftab // Chocolate Muffins Treat, Chicken Tikka Masala And Crispy Broast by Shireen Anwer // Tawa Fry Mash Keema, Murgh Makhanwala And Paratha by Chef Gulzar // Dry Beef With Chilli, Chicken Pepper Steak, Baked Potato Wedges And Caramel Bananas by Aleema Naseem // Dahi Or Bhindi Ki Sabzi And Beef Pasanday by Zubaida Tariq // Naan Khatai And Chicken Jalfrezi by Zarnak Sidhwa // Burmese Khow Suey And Gulab Jamun by Chef Gulzar // Almond Macaroon Fingers, Jhengay Aloo Ka Salan And Nargisi Kabab by Shireen Anwer // Malt Chocolate Cookies And Chilli Chicken by Zarnak Sidhwa // Mustard Prawns With Vegetables And Creamy Fruit Chaat by Zubaida Tariq // Doodh Dulari, French Onion Chicken Steak, Chocolate Brownie And Dumpukht Chicken Handi by Sadia // Moroccan Spiced Lamb Meatballs, Cauliflower Pulao And Rusty Chicken Thigh by Chef Tahir Chaudhry // Recipe of Jamaican Style Beef Coconut Curry, Cashew Nut Butter Chicken, Whole Cauliflower In Red Sauce And Peach Colada by Noman Khan in Lively Weekends on Masala TV // Achari Daal Lauki And Fried Chops & Chips by Rida Aftab // Hyderabadi Aloo Mutton And Doodh Ka Sharbat by Zubaida Tariq // Thai Red Chicken, Tom Yum Soup And Glass Noodle Salad by Chef Gulzar // Apricot Trifle, Baked Chicken With Garlic Sauce And Beef & Rice Bowl by Shireen Anwer // Hot Garlic Wings And Tomato Chicken With Butter Rice by Rida Aftab // Italian Thin Pizza, Hearty Italian Cannelloni And Naan Khatai by Chef Gulzar // Palak Aur Maash Ki Daal And Mix Sabzi by Zubaida Tariq // Gooey Brownies, Bhuna Chicken Masala And Boondi Ki Sabzi by Shireen Anwer // Icebox Cake And Grilled Fish by Zarnak Sidhwa // Leg Roast And Malai Seekh Kabab by Zubaida Tariq // Roasted Chicken And Beef Cutlets by Rida Aftab // Tawa Dil Gurda Kaleji, Kofta Sabzi And Garam Masala Rice by Chef Gulzar // Toffee Crumble Pizza, Lesuni Murgh Tikka And Badshahi Baigan by Shireen Anwer // Hunzai Handi, Prawn Roast Masala And Apple Cigar by Chef Tahir Chaudhry // Creamy Cucumbers Salad, Gola Kabab Pulao, Tandoori Chicken And Banana Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Topping by Naveen Arif // Chicken Satay Wings, Egg Muffins And Sumac Chicken Sandwich by Chef Tahir Chaudhry // Pan Fried Fish Fillet With Gratin Sauce, Grilled Chicken With Dill Sauce, Nachos Guacamole And French Mango Cream Brule by Chef Raja Abdullah // Hari Pyaz Keema And Puri by Chef Gulzar // Tandoori Roast Chicken And Hung Curd Choco Cups by Zarnak Sidhwa // Badami Korma, Mix Sabzi Handi, Reshmi Paratha And Peach & Cream by Shireen Anwer // Sindhi Fish Pulao by Zubaida Tariq // Barbecue Kaleji, Roghni Paratha And Aloo Bukhara Aur Khajoor Ki Chutney by Rida Aftab // Zebra Cake, Coffee Cream Cheese Mousse And Chocolate Mousse by Zarnak Sidhwa // Shahi Tukray And Achar Gosht by Zubaida Tariq // Frittata Cupcake, Coffee Rubbed Minute Steak And Cheat Bearnaise by Chef Tahir Chaudhry // Khoya Pastry And Bong Paya Akni by Rida Aftab //