9 Best Fruits That Are Good For Diabetics

A greater part of our food intake is converted into glucose or sugar which provides the required energy to our bodies. The pancreas, an organ located near the stomach produces a hormone called INSULIN that is responsible to transport glucose to the cells in our bodies.

Diabetes is a medical condition in which the body doesn’t produce adequate amount of insulin or the insulin that is produced is not efficiently used which results in building up of sugars in our blood.

The health hazards associated with diabetes include heart stroke, blindness, kidney failure etc so diabetics are instructed to follow the specially designed meal plans to control sugar levels in their blood.

It is because of this reason that people having diabetes are strictly instructed to avoid fruits in their meal plans because of the sugar levels present in them although fruits play an essential role in promoting good health and act as shield against various diseases.


The answer to the question that arises in the minds of many diabetics, as to whether they should avoid or decrease fruit intake, is an ABSOLUTE NO!!

People with diabetes can enjoy fruits but the intake should be moderate. There are certain fruits that have low glycemic index (GI) so they don’t give a spike to the blood sugar level plus, their consumption have positive impact on one’s blood cholesterol level and digestion.

Glycemic Index is a number assigned to different food items in accordance with their affect on blood sugar levels. Studies made by American Diabetes Association reveal that GI level of 55 or below is low, levels from 56 to 69 are considered moderate and levels above 70 are high.

Hence, people with diabetes can satisfy their cravings for something sweet by making choices of fruits with low GI.

Below is a list of fruits that are considered best choices for diabetics: plus, their consumption has positive impact on one’s blood cholesterol level and digestion.



All including strawberries, blueberries etc have low GI. They contain rich quantities of anti-oxidants, vitamins and fiber. The worth mentioning fact about berries is that their consumption diminishes the risk of diabetes.




Cherries are diabetes friendly because of their low level of GI of 20. Their high levels of anti-oxidants fight against heart diseases, cancer and inflammation.



Peaches are composed of vitamin A, vitamin C, Potassium and fiber. There is absolutely no harm for a diabetic to consume peaches because of its low GIof 42.


There is no denying the fact “AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY”. Apples are rich in fiber and vitamin C. Apples have a low GI level of 39 which makes it a perfect choice for a diabetic to consume.

Studies show that it is healthier to eat apples without peeling as the skin contains vast quantities of anti-oxidants.



Oranges are a great source of vitamin C. An orange a day is enough to meet our daily requirement of vitamin C.

The most impressive benefit that a diabetic can reap from oranges is that they tend to slowdown glucose update and also hinder the movement of glucose through intestine and liver. They have a low GI level of 40.



The next best choice is that of pears with a GI level of 38. Pears are enriched with fiber and vitamin K. It’s healthier to consume pears with their peel on.



Among all the fruits that are diabetes friendly, grapes ace them all. Apart from having low GI level of 53, they contain a phytochemical that adjusts the response of blood glucose by effecting the secretion and usage of insulin by the body.



In addition to having low level of GI, it is rich in fiber that cures constipation, a complaint usually made by the diabetics.



It is a healthy combination of Potassium, fiber, vitamin C. Kiwis have low levels of carbs which helps in weight loss.

Being diabetic doesn’t mean that you resist yourself from consuming these nutritious powerhouses. As long as you consume the ones with low GI level its completely safe ad won’t give a spike to your blood sugar levels.

Diabetics must avoid the fruits that are canned or are soaked in sugary syrups but the ones that are in season and are available locally are suitable for consumption.

Fruits contain vast quantities of fiber that help the diabetics to get rid of constipation and they are packed with valuable vitamins that serve different areas of the body like hair, skin etc.

Apart from this, fruits play a vital role in shedding off extra pounds as weight loss is a major factor that a diabetic has to focus on. Fruits are low in calories and rich in nutrients so they tend to satiate ones hunger without loading the body with excessive calories hence making this whole task of weight loss a piece of cake!!!

Thus, the list of fruits mentioned above can serve as a helpful guide for all the diabetics who hesitate to consume fruits assuming that they might disturb their blood sugar levels.

The fruits are enlisted by making a thorough study of their impact on blood sugar levels so FEEL SAFE AND GO AHEAD!!!