Shireen Anwar Recipes

Cooking expert Shireen Anwer was bought up in an environment where cooks prepared the food and for this reason she was unable to fry an egg even when she got married. She claims to hold interest in cooking from an early age but never got a chance to do so until she got married. She then took proper classes to learn how to cook from cooking experts in Pakistan, UK, USA, India and other parts of the world where she got a chance to visit.

Shireen Anwer started her own cooking classes and till date thousands of ladies have benefited from her teachings and Shireen Anwer’s recipes. She started with her own cooking show on a famous TV channel Masala TV and became popular amongst the masses very soon. Shireen Anwer says that she is inspired by Zubaida Aapa and Chef Mehboob. Her passion and love for cooking has also inspired her to become a favorite of her fans and she is admired by thousands of cooking show lovers.

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