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The competition started to heat up and another cooking channel was launched in May 2010 with full confidence of surviving in such a competition. Zaiqa TV came into the scene as a third 24 hours dedicated food channel of Pakistan. Popular experts such as Farah Jhanzeb Khan and Chefs like Chef Nadeem and Chef Mehdi became a part of Zaiqa team. The channel came up with a tag line “Zaiqa is hi mai hai” which means that you will find taste here at Zaiqa TV.

Zaiqa team provides its viewers with different cooking methods, dishes and cuisines in a very specialized way. The recipes are easy to make and are powered by the expert chefs who prepare them in front of the viewers in recorded and live shows. Zaiqa TV aims to provide quality information and innovative recipes so that they can be a part of every kitchen in Pakistani household and also amongst the viewers abroad.

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