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Desserts add sweetness to our lives and attach a perfect finish to a wonderful meal. Imagining a life without sweets seems to be dull and boring. Zaiqa.com adds colors and sweetness to your life in the sweets and desserts recipes category. If you are diet conscious you can go for our diet desserts recipes like sugar free brownies, sugar free tart, sugar free pancake etc or healthy dessert recipes like oats and nuts breakfast, healthy fruit dip and many more. Indulge yourself in delicious sweets recipes and browse for your favorite dessert recipes, Indian sweets, Indian desserts, Pakistani desserts recipes, cakes recipes and make your day sparkling and sugary.

Chose from our yummy halwa recipes or try a simple jalebi, go for chocolate sponge cake or a delicious butter cream cupcake not just this there are thousands of desserts recipes and sweets recipes at Zaiqa.com like Labe-Sheeren, Rasmalai, muffins, fruit mousse, caramel pudding, custard trifle, Chocolate & Strawberry Crepes, Kheer and a lot more sugary and sweet. Try the quick and easy recipes and learn the amazing ways to decorate and present your dessert. Presentation is a very important part of any dish and specially if a dessert looks tempting it will surely attract the crowd. Keeping in mind that chocolate is the most popular flavor and ingredient in dessert preparation we have added some new chocolate desserts and sweets recipes like chocolate banana pudding, orange chocolate mousse, chocolate macaroons, chocolate fondues and hundreds of more lip-smacking chocolate recipes.

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  • Lagan Kabab And Fruit Caramel by Chef Asad

    Chef Asad made Lagan kabab that is pretty new name but you can it if you like to have BBQ. Plus he made Fruit Caramel that is his favorite recipes dessert that you should try. He made both in Lazzat With Asad on Metro One Show.
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  • Chocolate Chip Cookies, Doughnuts And Tutti Frutti Tea Cake by Shireen Anwer

    Shireen Anwer made some sweet dessert and cookies. She cooked Chocolate Chip Cookies, Doughnut and Tutti Frutti Tea Cake. These all are bakery item that all you can eat as a refreshment in Masala Mornings on Masala TV
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  • Mughlai Kesari Kheer by Rida Aftab

    Mughlai Kesari Kheer is Mughlai Sweet Dish. It is prepared with Milk & Rice and garnished with Nuts & Silver Leaves. It is prepared on Muslims Festival such as Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha.
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  • Murgh Masala And Mango Cheesecake by Rida Aftab

    Rida Aftab made Murgh Masala the simple recipe for chicken that can be eat as a lunch or dinner. She made Mango Cheesecake that will be new cheesecake flavor that you must try that she made in Tarka on Masala TV
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  • Spaghetti Pizza Pie And Mughlai Kesari Kheer by Rida Aftab

    Rida Aftab made Spaghetti Pizza Pie that is really new recipes and could be made if you love pizza taste with other recipes. She also made Mughlai Kesari Kheer in Tarka on Masala TV
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  • Chocolate Gelato And Methi Mathri by Zarnak Sidhwa

    Chocolate Gelato is the delicious dessert made by Zarnak Sidhwa. That need you to watch video to have her tips plus she also made Methi Mathri in Food Diaries on Masala TV show.
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  • Khajoor Ki Kheer by Zubaida Tariq

    Khajoor Ki Kheer is a Sweet Dish with Rich Source of Vitamins, Minerals & Proteins. You can make at home easily. It is prepared with Dates & Milk, topped with Nuts and served Warm or Cold.
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  • Moong Ki Daal Ka Halwa by Rida Aftab

    Moong Ki Daal Ka Halwa is a Pakistani Sweet Dish Green Gram Lentils, Cardamom & Yellow Color and garnished with Almonds & Pistachios. It is usually served after Night Meal and also served in Mehndi Ceremony.
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  • Khajoor Ki Kheer And Lemo Wali Machli by Zubaida Tariq

    Zubaida Tariq made Khajoor ki kheer that you can try if want to have different sweet dessert of different taste kheer. She also made Lemo Wali Machli that is little sour fish recipe and if you like to have lemon taste recipe that you could try by watching video of Handi on Masala TV here.
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  • Cream Roll by Shireen Anwer

    Cream Roll is a type of Sponge Cake Roll. It is filled with cream and baked in Oven. It is easy dish and you can make in home.
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  • Masalaydar Bhaji And Moong Ki Daal Ka Halwa by Rida Aftab

    Rida Aftab made Masalaydar Bhaji that is you can made if you want to have vegetable with spicy taste, She also made Moong daal ka halwa in Tarka on Masala TV show that you can try if you want little healthy lunch or dinner.
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  • Chicken Patties, Apple Strudel, Cream Roll, French Heart And Puff Pastry by Shireen Anwer

    Shireen Anwer made some refreshment dishes. She made Chicken patties, Apple Strudel, Cream Roll, French Heart And Puff Pastry in Masala Mornings on Masala TV
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  • Chewy Brownies by Shireen Anwer

    Chewy Brownies is a Sweet Dessert, prepared with Coco Powder, Milk, Dates & Walnuts, topped with Cream & Chocolate Icing and served chilled. It is Children & Youngsters Lovers Dish. It was developed in United States in 19th Century.
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  • Khaliya, Chewy Brownie And Pasanda Badami Karahi by Shireen Anwer

    Shireen Anwer made some new recipes and if you want to have karahi with different taste then Try Pasanda Badami Karahi. You can get all recipe details and ingredients by watching the video to have healthy food. He made Brownie with different taste that you can made just for refreshment.
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  • Apple Pie, Double Cheese Beef Decker And Potato Wedges by Chef Tahir Chaudhry

    Chef Tahir Chaudhry made some top recipes with his own style. You might want to try apple pie that he made with some new ingredients. He also made Cheese Beef Decker that is really tasty and will be liked by cheese lovers. Potato wedges are extra dish that you can made with the help of video.
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  • Creamy Custard by Sheraz Deswali

    Creamy Custard is a Sweet Dish prepared with Cream & Vermicelli, garnished with Almonds and Pistachios and served chilled. It is usually served after Dinner.
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  • Chocolate Tart And Lemon Tart by Chef Jalal

    Today chef Jalal made some sweet tarts. He made Chocolate Tart that can be made for chocolate lovers that want extra refreshment with Tea or some thing. If you want some extra taste then you must try Lemon tart recipe. Watch video to have full details of both Tart recipes.
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  • Creamy Custard, Machli Hara Masala And Chicken Drumstick by Sheraz

    This Lively Weekends we had little different chef and he made Creamy Custard a must have dessert to eat. If you want to taste fish with different spices then try Machli with Hara Masala and for snacks he had Chicken Drumstick. Watch video to have all details of all recipes.
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  • Eggless Vanilla Cake by Zarnak Sidhwa

    Eggless Vanilla Cake is a Dessert, prepared with Milk, Almonds, Raisins & Oil and served with Tea.
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  • Eggless Vanilla Cake, Vegetable Yogurt Lasagna And Stir Fried Noodles by Zarnak Sidhwa

    Today Zarnak sidhwa made few recipes. Eggless Vanilla cake is fast made cake that you can make without egg. You need to see video to have full details of video. She made also Stir Fried Noodles plus Vegetable Yogurt Lasagna.
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  • Mango Custard And Club Sandwich by Chef Gulzar

    Mango season is almost at end but still you can have taste by making delicious mango dessert that prepared by Chef Gulzar. This recipe include Snack that is club sandwich with some extra ingredients. Try this recipe by seeing this video and prepared at own home.
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  • Chocolate Brownie Cake by Shireen Anwer

    Chocolate Brownie Cake is Children & Youngster Lovers Sweet Dish. It is prepared with Dark Chocolate & Walnuts, sprinkled with Icing Sugar and serve it with Ice Cream. Cake is usually served after Dinner specially in Wedding Parties. Chocolate was invented by Dr. James Baker in 1764.
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  • Lemon Cake With Lemon Frosting And Chocolate Custard by Chef Asad

    Today Chef Asad made some delicious desserts. Lemon cake is the flavor cake that is must try plus it include Lemon Frosting. Chocolate custart is same dish but with some new recipe to make it more tasty. Watch video to see both recipes, ingredients details plus with some tips.
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  • Italian Mince Cutlets, Chicken Casserole And Chocolate Brownie Cake by Shireen Anwer

    This Mince recipe cutlets made on 21 august 2015 show. This is little new recipe that have little spicy taste plus that need some sauce to made. Chocolate Brownie Cake is additional dessert recipe. That include easy baking ingredients to have tasty chocolate cake.
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  • Lemon Cake by Zarnak Sidhwa

    Lemon Cake is a Dessert Dish, prepared with Flour, Butter & Eggs and topped & filled with Lemon Juice. It is all Person Lovers Dish and served after Lunch or Dinner especially in Party.
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