7 Instant Remedies for Spinning Head and Dizziness

Anyone can end up feeling dizzy. Your head spins and you feel as if you are about to lose control over your body and pass out. Dizziness has a wide range of causes from stress to digestion problems and migraine.


The good news is that you can get relief with simple and safe remedies which work wonders. If you don’t feel better shortly and/or experience other symptoms too, you should seek medical attention timely. This is important since dizziness can be the sign of a serious condition. Let us now focus on the treatments which you can use to feel better no matter where you are.

1. Good Rest

When you feel dizzy, you can fall down and get hurt if you try to walk or do another activity. The best thing which you can do in this situation is to sit down or preferably lie down. Turn off the light, shut the blinds and close your eyes.

You may still feel your head spinning, but at least you will be safe from injuries. If you are lying, the blood flow to the brain will improve and this will also help you feel better. Try to relax and to rest your mind and body for at least fifteen minutes.

2. Proper Hydration


Dizziness is one of the most common symptoms of dehydration. That is why even people who are otherwise healthy may feel dizzy when it’s hot outside and they haven’t had enough water. The best remedy is to drink as much water as possible.

The idea is not to get a huge amount at one time, but to hydrate your body properly throughout the day. Make sure that you drink at least one glass at every meal and between meals too. Water with electrolytes can be particularly helpful on hot summer days.

Keep a bottle with you at all times and make sure that your home and office are properly stocked with this beneficial drink.

3. Healthy Snack

Drop in the blood sugar levels is another common reason why people feel lightheaded and dizzy. The cells of your body simply don’t get the fuel which they need to work properly.

A snack will help you feel better very quickly. It should be rich in carbohydrates, but this doesn’t mean that a chocolate bar or a sandwich with bacon and white bread is the best option. Fruits like banana, whole-grains and raw nuts are among the best options.

When you also sip tea with a tablespoon of honey you will get back on your feet even sooner.

4. Deep Breathing

This is one of the best instant remedies for spinning head and dizziness when the symptoms are the result of stress. The technique is simple and can be used by any person anywhere. You need to sit down with your back perfectly straight.

It is best not to rely on a backrest. Place your right hand on your chest and your left hand on your abdomen.

Inhale and hold your breath for a few seconds. Then exhale slowly. Make sure that your abdomen contracts more than your chest during exhaling.

You should feel this with your hands. Repeat the deep breathing until your symptoms disappear and you finally feel relaxed. Generally, you can use this technique the moment you experience anxiety to avoid dizziness and all other symptoms associated with this condition like rapid heart rate and nausea.

5. Ginger Tea

ginger tea

This tea helps to improve blood circulation around the whole body including the brain. This is how you will get relief from dizziness and light-headedness very quickly. If you add lemon to the juice, you will feel refreshed too.

A tablespoon of honey will boost your energy and make you feel more alert. It should be easy for you to prepare ginger tea.

As long as you steep it correctly to extract the beneficial compounds which the powdered roots have, you will get the results which you expect. Generally, ginger tea is a great remedy for colds and upset stomach among other things.

6. Unsweetened Yogurt

Did you know that dizziness is among the common symptoms of gastritis and peptic ulcers? You may also experience this symptom when you have acid reflux and indigestion. The best natural remedy for dealing with all of these gastric problems and the symptoms associated with them is plain yogurt.

It is an excellent source of probiotics which help to keep the gastrointestinal balance optimal. If you have yogurt every day at breakfast or as a snack, you will be able to keep these problems at bay. Besides, this superfood is a great source of calcium and other minerals and vitamins which are good for your health.

7. Neck Massage

When your neck is stiff and you are stressed out, you usually feel your head spinning too. With a neck and shoulder massage, your muscles will relax and the blood flow to the head will be greatly improved. You will be able to calm down and to go on with the activities which you have on your schedule.

Finally, while all of these instant remedies for dizziness will surely help you feel a lot better in no time, you must also avoid irritants which can make your condition worse. Stay away from coffee and all other drinks containing caffeine and from salty foods and especially fast food and canned foods.

Get good night’s sleep and try not to stress out during the day. Exercise, healthy diet and rest can do wonders for you.