5 Ways to Stop a Runny Nose Instantly

It is one of the major symptoms of the common cold, the flu and many types of allergies. Everyone hates having runny nose. It forces you to breathe through the mouth and this is more than uncomfortable.

Besides, it is quite embarrassing to have to wipe your nose clean every couple of minutes, especially if you are at work or out with friends. The big question is how to stop runny nose right away and to enjoy breathing normally once again.

The following five natural methods have been tested and proven to work.


1. Eucalyptus Oil

In addition to having very pleasant smell, eucalyptus oil is a potent natural decongestant.

It stimulates the release of excess mucus. It also helps to soothe the swollen nasal passages and sinuses. It provides instant and lasting relief.

  • Pour four cups of water into a small pot or saucepan and add seven drops of eucalyptus oil. Bring the solution to boil.
  • Reduce the heat or turn it off completely while ensuring that a sufficient amount of stem is produced.
  • While standing over the pot, cover your head with a towel and try to breathe through the nose.
  • Keep a pack of tissues at hand to blow your nose when needed.
    Try to inhale the steam for at least five minutes.
  • Use this treatment two to three times a day to stop runny nose.

2. Saline Nasal Spray

It works simply, naturally and effectively. This treatment is safe even for very small children. Saline water helps to reduce the inflammation and to provide lasting relief. It has another really important action too.

It actually captures the mucus and helps you to get rid of it completely. This is particularly beneficial for those with congested sinuses as a result of sinusitis or an allergy.

  • Get saline nasal spray or prepare one at home. For the home remedy, you will need two cups of distilled water and a quarter teaspoon of salt.
  • Dissolve the salt in the water and keep the solution in a tightly sealed container.
  • Spray a small amount of the product in your nostril. Alternatively, you can put a small amount of the homemade solution with the help of a suction bulb and sniff.
  • Get a tissue and block the nostril which you haven’t put the solution in with your index finger. Blow the treated nostril into a tissue.
  • Repeat steps two and three with the other nostril.
  • Use this remedy to stop runny nose two to six times a day.

3. Mustard Oil

You have probably noticed how your nose gets naturally cleared when you eat foods with mustard. This is because it has potent decongesting properties.

Mustard oil is highly concentrated and will help you to stop runny nose immediately and to enjoy lasting results.

  • Boil an amount of water sufficient for one bowl. After pouring the water, add four drops of mustard oil.
  • Place the bowl on the table, place a towel over your head and start breathing in the steam through your nose. This may be a bit difficult at first, but you shouldn’t give up.
  • Keep breathing over the bowl until the solution stops producing steam.
    Blow your nose as often as necessary during and after the treatment.
  • emember to do it one nostril at the time while blocking the other.

4. Sea Salt Compress

This hot compress helps you to get rid of congestion in the nose and sinuses. It is a potent treatment for allergy and sinusitis sufferers, in particular, but everyone who has cold or the flue can also use it to get great relief.

  1. Take a piece of strong cotton fabric and cut two pieces with hourglass shape. The idea is to sew them together to make a bag of sea salt which you will put over your nose and lower sinuses. That is why you have to measure the proportions of your face. The bag should be no thicker than a finger.
  2. Cut two rectangular pieces of fabric to sew a bag to place on your forehead. This will be used for the upper sinuses. It should have the same thickness. The length and width should match the side of your forehand.
  3. Remember to leave small holes for filling the bags with sea salt. Once you do this, you can finish with the sewing to prevent spilling.
  4. Place the bags in a baking dish or tray and warm then in the oven at low to medium heat. They should be warm but not very hot. Basically, they should feel comfortable when pressed against the skin. You shouldn’t feel burning.
  5. Lie down and place the first compress over your cheeks and nose and the second one on your forehead. They shouldn’t touch the eyes.
  6. Keep the compresses for ten to fifteen minutes.
  7. Blow your nose after the treatment.

5. Cayenne Pepper

Just like mustard, this spice helps you to get rid of the mucus in your nose. When you get rid of the mucus, you will stop runny nose. It is as simple as this. One thing to note is that you should use moderate amounts of cayenne pepper to avoid stomach irritation.

If you have gastrointestinal problems like acid reflux, for instance, you may prefer to focus on the other treatments suggested here.

Otherwise, you can go ahead and use cayenne pepper.

  • Get high-quality ground cayenne pepper and keep it in a tightly sealed container.
  • Sprinkle several pinches of it into the food that you cook. If you have to share, make sure that everyone will be happy with the spicy flavor. alternatively, you can add pepper only to the food in your plate.
  • Remember to keep tissues at hand so that you can blow your nose when the cayenne pepper takes effect. This will happen very quickly.

You can now pick from five fantastic and simple ways to stop runny nose. They can be used together with any medications which your doctor has recommended or prescribed.

To make the most out of the treatment, you should try to stay at home where it is warm.

It is time to forget about the discomfort and to enjoy quick and lasting relief.