How to Treat Dry Cough

Every person has experienced dry cough at least once in their lifetime. When an irritant gets into contact with the lining of the throat, you cough to repel it. This is a natural reaction and an effective way to feel better. But what if dry cough is persistent? Then it requires proper treatment.

dry cough

Countering the Precise Cause

There are several causes of this condition. The most common one is an allergy. It could be caused by pollen, pet dandruff or dust. The doctor will run tests to confirm the cause of the condition and prescribe medications to help you fight the allergy.

Additionally, you should protect yourself from the allergen which causes your dry cough. Wash your hands and face and shower more frequently if you have pollen or dust allergy and keep your house clean. If your pet is causing the problem, you will have to give it away for your own good.

Asthma is another common cause of this problem. This chronic condition requires treatment tailored to the needs of the patient. Dry cough and difficulty breathing can be instantly relieved with specially designed inhalers containing medication.

Acid reflux, popularly known as heartburn, can also cause dry cough. This is because the acid which travels up the gastrointestinal tract from the stomach can cause great irritation to the lining of the throat.

Acid reflux medications will help for the relief of all symptoms of the condition. While over-the-counter pills work well for occasional heartburn, in case of frequent recurrence and severe symptoms, you should see your doctor to get adequate treatment.

Smoker’s cough is also dry cough. People who smoke cough as their body is trying to remove harmful compounds out of the lungs.

While you can get relief with OTC medications and home remedies, the best way to get rid of this cough is to stop smoking. This will also lower your risk of lung cancer, heart disease and a variety of other serious conditions.

Remedies for Quick Relief

When you start coughing and you cannot stop, you should take measures right away. Unless you have asthma, you can use the traditional sore throat lozenges or spray.

This will sooth the lining of the throat quite quickly. If you are not sure which type will work best for you, you should ask your doctor for advice.

There are plenty of home remedies for dry cough relief. Gargling with warm salty water should help you to feel better in no time. To make the solution, you need to dissolve one tablespoon of salt in one glass of water.

Another really quick treatment option is to grab a tablespoon of honey. It will act like a pleasant balm. Swallow it slowly to ensure that it will stay on the lining of the throat for as long as possible.

Several herbs can help to stop the spasms associated with coughing and help you feel better. The list includes thyme, ginger room and licorice root. The best way to use them is to prepare tea and sip from it every time when you feel unwell.

With medical treatment, instant symptom relievers and lifestyle improvement, you should get rid of dry cough.