7 Oils That Help Hair Growth - Mix Them And Get Great Results

Everyone dreams of healthy thick hair with great natural shine and volume. What do you have to do to achieve this? Nature has the answer. You can try essential oils which stimulate hair growth effectively and safely. Let’s look at the top options which you can use.

hair oil

1. Castor Oil

It is rich in nutrients and vitamins like Vitamin E which promote scalp health and have a stimulating effect on the hair follicles. Besides, this essential oil has potent antibacterial and antifungal properties and will help you get rid of dandruff. Olive oil is a suitable carrier for castor oil.

When you mix the two, you can apply the ready treatment to the scalp using gentle massaging motion. Keep the oil overnight and wash your hair in the morning.

2. Rosemary Oil

It has been used since ancient time to stimulate hair growth. It’s interesting to note that it is present in many modern products too. The best thing about it is that it will give you both longer and stronger hairs.

You can readily combine it with castor oil to enhance the result. Again, olive oil is a good choice of carrying oil.

3. Argan Oil

This oil does a great job with moisturizing the scalp. It is rich in vitamins, which stimulate hair growth, and in anti-oxidants, which help to protect the hair from environmental damage.

It also helps to prevent split ends. With Argan oil, you can expect to have strong and beautiful hair for a long time to come.

4. Jojoba Oil

It has a natural cleansing effect on the scalp. It helps you to get rid of the impurities blocking the hair follicles.

At the same time, it is very gentle to the scalp and will enhance the stimulating effect of the other oils which you are using. This oil has a relaxing effect too.

5. Lavender Oil

It does a great job in stimulating blood flow to the brain. As the cells of the hair follicles get more oxygen and nutrients, the rate of hair growth increases naturally. You can expect your hair to be stronger and more elastic too.

The antiseptic properties of lavender oil help to keep dandruff and similar problems away. Sesame oil is an excellent choice of carrier oi.

6. Thyme Oil

This particular oil targets the bacteria and fungi whose activity causes scalp and hair problems.

It helps to purify the follicles creating the perfect setting for the growth of new strong hairs. Grapeseed oil is a superb carrier for the potent thyme oil thanks to its lightness.

With gentle scalp massage, you will feel absolutely amazing and get the best possible end result.

7. Sweet Basil Oil

It has nourishing, antiseptic and stimulating properties. All of these factors make this oil a superb natural treatment for hair growth. You can use it safely and effectively with jojoba oil.

The choice of carrier oil is up to you. Just remember to massage the ready mixture well into your scalp.

Finally, you should give the essential oils for hair growth a little bit of time to work.