How to Straighten Hair Without Heat

It is a fact that heat is damaging to the hair. But can you actually make it perfectly straight and gorgeous without heat? There are actually more ways than one to get the desired result. Let’s check them out.


Brushing and Drying

Normally, you wouldn’t be advised to brush your hair while it is still wet, but this is an effective way to straighten it. Don’t use a towel for drying. Just blot your locks a bit to get rid of the excess water.

If your hair is too tangled after washing, you can use a wide tooth comb at the first stage of the process. Then you can use your hair regular hair brush. Keep brushing until your hair is dry and it will be perfectly straight.

You can use a blow dryer which produces cool air to help you speed up the process. There are plenty of such dryers for home use available.

Most models have a button which you have to keep pushing to get cold a constant flow of cold air. Use the lower setting and avoid holding the dryer into one position for too long to avoid muscle stiffness and cold.

Hold the dryer with one hand and keep brushing your hair with the other. If this is challenging, ask a friend to help you out.

Using Straightening Products

You can readily get a shampoo and conditioner designed to make the hair straight. It is true that they are not as potent as the use of heat, but they are not damaging and this is a major plus.

When choosing such products, make sure that they are suitable for your scalp and hair. When you use these and the straightening method described above, you can expect to get that “wow” effect which you are aiming for.

There are also straightening serums. Their main job is to prevent fizz. They work really well and you can apply them on your hair at any time.

You will benefit from using such a product to keep the straightening results which you have already achieved without the use of heat.

Homemade Hair Straightening Mask

This is another safe method which you can use with confidence. One of the best mask recipes includes six tablespoons of lemon juice, a cup of coconut milk, a tablespoon of olive oil and two tablespoons of plain cornstarch. Lemon juice is the active ingredient here so to speak. It is a potent astringent and will make your hair perfectly straight.

You should mix all ingredients together and heat the mixture until it gets the perfect texture. You may add a little bit of extra olive oil and cornstarch, if needed, to get the thickness right. Wait for the mask to cool, apply it onto your wet hair and rinse it off after fifteen minutes.

You can use all three methods for hair straightening without heat at once for best result. Once you have achieved it, you should refrain from styling your hair with the use of bands as this will create creases. Just wear it naturally and you will have everyone turning after you.