8 Reasons Why Skin Fairness Creams Will Not Work For You

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The wish of a fairer complexion is closely knitted in the culture of our country. Beauty is directly associated with how fair a person is and for this reason, Pakistan is considered as a very attractive market for the fairness creams and beauty products which earn a considerable profit from the targeted audience. According to an article published in Dawn, a survey conducted to assess the TV commercials of fairness creams concluded that the benefits in the ads are overstated and skin fairness creams did not work for about 56% of the young girls interviewed.

A promise to change a night-like skin into day, and that too, in seven days, is quite farfetched even by fairy-tale standards. It is best that the innocent targets to such woes of fairness creams snap into reality soon and understand reasons why these skin fairness creams will not work for them.

How the Skin Fairness Creams Work

Skin color is determined by the amount of melanin component in the skin’s outer layer- the more and intense the melanin, the darker your complexion tends to be. This is topped off by your locale’s proximity to the equator as the sun rays accelerate melanin synthesis, multiplying it and making you darker than you genetically are. Fairness creams certainly help you get a few shades fairer by controlling the production of melanin and blocking off sunrays from tanning your skin. However, in longer term and beyond that, you must give in to factors where fairness creams will not work for you.

Factors Why Fairness Creams Will Not Work For You

  1. Face your Race: Skin color is largely determined by the race you belong to; African race has larger portions of melanin in the skin, hence a darker tone, where as the European race has it in petite amount that naturally makes them fairer.
  2. It’s all in the genes: You inherit your skin color from your family too; if melanin structure is strong in your genetic lineage, you are likely to have a darker complexion and vice versa. That is why you find all sorts of skin hues amongst the Asian race.
  3. The short-term magic: Some Fairness creams may contain bleaching agents and inhibitors like hydroquinone that cuts complexion down by a few shades, but for a short time. These synthetics can be both useless and harmful in the long run. Users of such creams have commonly reported allergies and skin redness with the continuous use.
  4. Mercury in the long run: Mercury, another temporarily effective chemical, suppresses melanin formation but eventually leads to blotchy skin and aging signs. Other skin treatments and creams are then used to resolve that. Its excess inclusion in the blood may result in skin poisoning, liver and kidney failure.
  5. The hidden sunscreen: These creams are partially beneficial due to the mere presence of sunscreens that blocks the effects of UV rays from the sun against the skin. This curtails melanin synthesis and prevents your skin from getting tanned. It is hence better to opt for sunscreen lotions instead.
  6. The equatorial disadvantage: Our fate has placed us near the equator, which means there is more sun exposure naturally. Although steps taken to protect the skin may work, tanning is virtually unavoidable.
  7. Ineffective beyond epidermis: Fairness creams can only manipulate, if at all, the epidermis or the outermost layer of the skin. If the source of pigmentation is within that, these over-the-counter creams fail to penetrate and lighten skin color.
  8. You are a man: Fairness creams are unconventionally increasingly being demanded by males. But men have a thicker skin type and different hormonal balances. Their exposure to pollution and harsh environment is considerably more than women. With such detriments, even gender-based formulae (introduced by a few companies) may find it hard penetrating the dark complexion effectively.

If your skin is not healthy and clean, the suppression of the melanin production caused by the usage of fairness creams may have aggressive effects on your skin. The skin is beautiful in all tones and you must feel confident in your own skin. Focus more on keeping your skin healthy and clean rather than using risky creams for a lighter tone.

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