5 Most Common Winter Allergies and Natural Ways to Cure Them

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It is natural to mistaken allergies for cold and flu when you get runny nose and watery eyes in winters. We do not realize that allergies are at their peak in winters just like cold and flu. Read this post to find out about 5 most common allergies in winter and natural ways to cure them.

Reasons of Common Winter Allergies

Allergens, or the irritants that trigger allergy, are present in the air throughout the year. But as the mercury levels drop, the cold weather does not only force you indoors; the micro-organisms also move in and flourish in your cozy houses. As your contact and exposure with them increases, the ventilation partially ceases and sequentially you get more vulnerable to catching common winter allergies.

5 Common Winter Allergies and Ways to avoid them Naturally

  1.  Dust Mites: Dust mites or beds mites are found on beddings, carpets and furniture. Don’t worry, they don’t bite or spread diseases but they only affect people who are allergic to them.
    Solution: Wash allergens away: Take care of your hygiene and wash yourself regularly as washing allergens off yourself is one way of keeping them away. Cleaning the beddings and mattresses weekly is also important as this will not only eradicate the dust mites but will also remove your shed skin particles that nurture the mites.
  2. House Dust: House dust amongst many other things, may contain microorganisms like mites, fabric particles, skin specks, etc. People allergic to any of these substances may get affected when they spend too much time inside the house.
    Solution: Mop and dust away your home: Do not let the dust settle in your house. Ventilate the house and let the sun rays welcome you in the morning. Sweep the house and dust regularly, this will keep your place fresh and clean
  3. Mold: This fungal substance survives in dark, humid environments like bathrooms and areas in the garden. As it is warmer and drier outside, the airborne mold shifts and thrives indoors as it gets a chance. People sensitive to it catch allergy as they inhale the mold-infected air.
    Solution: Bleach, clean and throw away mold: If you spot mold on your shower curtains, floor mats and damp areas, it is better to throw them away. Clean the bathroom floor and sinks with bleach and detergent to prevent their growth. Use antibacterial sprays and liquid to clean the affected areas.
  4. Animal dander: The skin scales or dander of pet animals is the prime source of allergies instead of animal fur as commonly misperceived. These allergens are found in animal dribble and excretions. Even the pets are tending to spend more time in cozy indoors during winters and prolonged contact with them may cause allergies to the people around.
    Solution: Keep animals clean and distant: It is better to cease contact with pets that are causing allergies, at least during winters. Do not let them sleep in your bedroom, and bathe them regularly. For the matter of fact, Fishes should be kept by people sensitive to pet allergies as the shed dander of fishes does not spread in the air or cause allergies.
  5. Winter Pollen Allergies: Some specific type of pollen is present in the winter season which may cause allergies and fever. Mountain cedar pollinates in winter which may cause fever to people sensitive to pollens.
    Solution: Try avoiding sittings in garden area if you are allergic to pollen and cover your nose with a surgical mask of a piece of cloth during outdoor exposure. If you get seriously affected by pollen grains, taking an allergy shot (after doctor’s advice) before the winters begin is also an option.

Some Other Natural Ways to Cure and Avoid Common Winter Allergies

  • Change rugs, shower curtains or garden tools that have mold.
  •  Keep humid areas clean and germ free by using antibacterial cleaning agents.
  • Natural Salt lamp can help in preventing winter allergies.
  • Wash your bed sheets and comforters in hot water.
  • Winter spices like ginger and turmeric can help to make your immune system strong.
  • Green tea and Cinnamon tea have calming effect and may help people suffering from allergies.

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