Benefits and Uses of Almond Oil for Beautiful Skin and Healthy Hair Growth

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Since ages, Almond oil enriched with beauty vitamins is rightly considered the secret for magnificent skin, healthy long hair and strong nails. The multiuse almond oil extracted from sweet almonds is a gift of Mother Nature for the natural beauty treatments. This piece of writing is a collection of benefits and uses of almond oil for beautiful skin and healthy hair growth inscribed as a winter season incentive for our readers.


1# Skin Moisturizer

Termed as skin care essential, almond oil can be used in different ways to moisturize your skin leaving it smooth, young and soft. In winters, almond oil can be used as a daily moisturizer applied in the morning after shower for a long lasting softer effect. Having a property of being non greasy gives it an edge over other creams and lotions. Zinc in almond oil comforts the crackled skin of hands and feet by renewing the dead skin and toning the patchy areas.

2# Almond lip balm

Chapped lips are winter indicators and the use of lip balm becomes a must. You can make your own lip balm by combining almond oil with some honey and apply it regularly for soft pinky lips.

3# Eyelash mascara

For healthy eyelashes dip a new mascara brush in almond oil and apply it for shiny and healthy lashes. Some people face the dryness on the eyelids or lashes, almond oil mascara coat is ideal for such conditions.

4# Under eye cream

Thinking of using those expensive under eye creams for puffy eyes, dark circles and aging marks? The problem is solved by the anti-aging properties of almond oil. Before going to sleep, take a few drops and gently massage them under your eyes. Without applying pressure, rub the oil with your fingers and make it a daily routine for better results.

5# Make up remover

Almond oil suits all skin types and cleans the makeup easily, leaving the skin moisturized and fresh. The natural effect neutralizes the heavy makeup affect and prevents the chances of pimples and skin allergies.

6# Stretch Marks

Women are found with special concerns regarding the stretch marks and to deal with them good amount of money is spent and various facials or tips are tested. As we know by now that almond oil penetrates in the skin easily and nourishes the skin it is not a surprise to add that it can also be helpful in preventing stretch marks. Simply pour some oil in your hand rub it to create heated friction and apply on the skin in a circular massaging motion. After batch a gentle rub on the skin for several minutes improves the blood circulation and creates a natural confrontation to stretching and tearing.


1# Almond Oil Hair Treatment

The hair spa, beauty salons and hair treatment kits leave you in a hassle and give a serious blow to your wallet as well. Let me guide you with a simple almond oil hair treatment which will not just help in strengthening your hair and make them healthy but will also make your hair shiny and condition the scalp. Take a small amount of almond oil and massage your scalp gently in a circular motion now wear a shower cap and cover your hair with a towel soaked in hot water. This will assist the absorption of oil in your scalp. Leave it for some time and then wash it away with a mild shampoo. Enjoy the soft, healthy, nourished and shiny hair.

2# Hair Fall Treatment

Split ends and weak hair may results in hair fall. To avoid this mix and mildly heat the olive and castor oils in equal proportions with almond oil and apply it on your scalp at least once in a few days. Your hair is conditioned naturally. Notice the change and let others notice it too!

3# Damage Repair

To repair the damaged hair take an avocado fruit and mash it properly. Now mix the mashed mixture in almond oil and cover your hair with the damage repairing hair mask. Leave the mask for about half hour and wash it with your shampoo.

4# Dandruff free hair

For dandruff and itchy scalp, take yogurt 4 table spoons and add 1 table spoon of almond oil. Mix them with about two table spoon Henna (mehndi) and apply it on your scalp. Leave it for about half hour and wash it with your shampoo. Apply this mask once in a month and massage your scalp with almond oil every week for better and fast result.

NOTE: Natural benefits and uses of almond oil for beautiful skin and healthy hair growth are countless but if you are allergic to almonds or any nuts, you are suggested to apply a test patch before applying it on hair or skin.

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