7 Reasons Why You Must Chew Your Food Well

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The fast moving life, multi-tasking and a continuous busy routine has transformed the peaceful food breaks into a quick to finish job. We don’t even realize how important it is to eat in a relaxed environment and chew our food well while enjoying every bite. In this article we have compiled the most important 7 reasons why you must chew your food well and some tips are included in the end to guide you with healthy eating ideas.

REASON 1: Chewing aids the digestion process

The perception of considering intestine being wholly responsible for the digestion process is a little unfair. The actual process starts when you chew your food in your mouth. The process of chewing results in the release of digestive enzymes which are helpful in the food breaking process. So the more you chew, the more these enzymes release and aid the digestion process while saving you from indigestion issues.

REASON 2: Makes food channelizing easier

If the food is not chewed properly, the job of digestion becomes difficult. Breaking down of food takes more time and energy and may cause stomach ache or other disturbances. For this reason it is important that your food is chewed well and the lower stomach gets some time to relax so the food can be channelized further.

REASON 3: Avoids bacterial growth

Trying to finish the plate early or taking another bite while there is still food in your mouth means probably you will swallow larger food particles. The unbroken food particles may be left unprocessed and this increases the risk of bacterial growth in the intestine which leads to gastric issues, constipation, and abdominal pain. In some extreme cases it may cause diarrhea and bloating too.

REASON 4: Absorbs nutrients easily

Some foods like raw vegetables, bread and foods rich in fiber are comparatively slow in being digested. For this reason it is better you must chew your food well as this makes the energy absorption process speedy and the nutrients are absorbed easily.

REASON 5: Assists in weight control

When you eat fast, you eat more! Overeating is directly related to weight gain. This means if you eat slow and take some time to chew your food properly you can avoid overeating which helps in maintaining your calorie intake. This slow eating formula is also recommended to people who wish to reduce weight and control the calories intake.

REASON 6: Avoids tooth decay

When you chew your food the saliva produced helps in washing away the bacteria in your mouth. This avoids tooth decay and keeps them strong and healthy. The dentists suggest that the food should be chewed properly with both sides of your mouth. In normal practice we chew with the right side of our teeth due to this the left side is mostly affected by tarter and bacterial attack. For this reason, chewing your food well can also help to protect your teeth from bacteria.

REASON 7: Helps you enjoy food

Food breaks should be relaxing while indulging in the pleasure and taste with every bite should be the real essence of eating. This can be achieved if your go slow with the chewing process. Take a bite and enjoy the texture, taste, and flavor till it breaks down and swallowed.

Other Tips for Healthy Eating:

  • Avoid liquid intake immediately after your meal.
  • Avoid distractions while eating like studying, office work or watching television
  • Make sure you have a combination of food in your plate with proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables etc.
  • Go for good carbs
  • Eat on time
  • Avoid false hunger and mid night snacking
  • Keep a check on calories
  • Eat less salt
  • Make breakfast a must in your routine
  • Include fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • Exercise is important to keep you healthy



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