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Latest Recipes

Grilled Fish Recipe

Grilled Fish is tasty dish. Spices, green chilies & coriander leaves are crushed and mixed with vinegar, ginger paste & garlic paste. Then fish is mar...

Prawn Fried Rice Recipe

Prawn Fried Rice is tasty dish. Eggs are beaten and fried. Then prawns are cooked with rice, eggs, vegetables & soya sauce and stirred. Then garnished...

Chicken Mayo Roll Recipe

Chicken Mayo Roll is mouth-watering fast food. Chicken is marinated with paste & spices and cooked with marination. Then filled in parathay with onion...

Crab Soup Recipe

Crab Soup is healthy soup. Vegetables are cooked with water. Then crab claws are boiled and drained. Then crab stock is mixed with corn flour, salt, C...

Lemon Chicken Recipe

Lemon Chicken is delicious dish. Chicken is marinated with spices & sauce, sprinkled with all-purpose flour and cooked. Then sauce is poured on chicke...

Club Sandwich Recipe

Club Sandwich is children favorite dish. Chicken fillet is marinated with spices, sauce & paste, grilled and shredded. Then kept in on bread slice, co...

Fish Karahi Recipe

Fish Karahi is spicy & mouth-watering dish. Fish is fried and cooked with tomatoes, onion & spices masala. Then garnished with chopped ginger, green c...

Kung Pao Beef Recipe

Kung Pao Beef is tasty main course dish. Beef is marinated with paste, egg, soya sauce & corn flour and deep fried in oil. Then stir fried with vegeta...

Chicken Mayo Garlic Roll Recipe

Chicken Mayo Garlic Roll is tasty roll. Chicken is marinated with paste & spices and cooked with marination. Then filled in parathay with onion & mayo...

Grilled Prawns Recipe

Grilled Prawns is delicious dish. Prawns are marinated with spices, garlic paste, ginger paste, lemon juice and olive oil. Then grilled, garnished wit...

Hot and Sour Soup Recipe

Hot and Sour Soup is spicy and yummy soup. Chicken is boiled and shredded. Then cooked with boiled chicken stock, carrot, cabbage and dark soya sauce....

BBQ Sandwich Recipe

BBQ Sandwich is everyone favorites fast food dish. Chicken or beef is mixed with spices and sauce. Then cooked in oil and give smoke of coal. Then kep...

Chilli Fish Recipe

Chilli Fish is spicy seafood dish. Fish cubes is dipped in maida, corn flour & soya sauce batter and fried. Sauce is prepared with chopped green chi...

Chicken Manchurian Recipe

Chicken Manchurian is tasty Chinese dish. Chicken is marinated with sauce, vinegar & spices and deep fried. Then sauce is prepared with tomato ketchup...

Chicken Cheese Burger Recipe

Chicken Cheese Burger is very tasty fast food. Chicken mince is chopped with bread slices, egg, onion, green chilies, herbs and Worcester sauce. Then ...

Fish Kabab Recipe

Fish Kabab is crispy kabab. Fish is grinded with green chilies, coriander leaves, mint leaves, maida, onion and spices. Then made kababs, dipped in eg...