Salad Recipes

A variety of healthy salad recipes, easy salad recipes, salad dressing recipes and tasty salad recipes are available at The trend of healthy life style has encouraged the use green vegetables and has included various salads in the menu. Salads are light and refreshing! Often served before a meal or accompanying the main course, salad provides nourishment and colors to the plate. We at have selected for you the famous tasty salad recipes provided by our cooking experts. The yummy potato salad is a favorite of many; pasta salad and garlic prawn salads can be a filling appetizer, try our refreshing leafy vegetable salad or deliciously colorful fruit salad to satisfy your false hunger in a healthy way. Prepare coleslaw or three bean salad with the juicy salads recipes to accompany your burger and sandwiches.

Surprise young ones with the yogurt fruit salad and chickpea salad recipes, toast salad, taco salad and give them something nourishing to munch. For special summer recipes, browse through our cold salad recipes and try the cold chicken salad, cold noodles salad, Russian salad recipes, cold cucumber mould and much more to chose from. Not just this, you can also learn to make amazing salad dressings from the text and video tutorials available for Mango dressing, lemon dressing, tuna mayo dressing, the famed Thousand Island dressing, Italian dressing etc. Add flavor to your meal and complete your servings with our appetizer salads, side salads, dessert salads and main course salads recipes.

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