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Pasta is an excellent foundation of healthy, satisfying and nutritious diet. It is generally cooked with nutrient dense food partners like fiber filled veggies and beans, fish or monounsaturated oils, antioxidants rich tomato sauces as well as protein packed cheese, lean meat or poultry, etc. It comprises of complex carbohydrates that provides slow release of energy, on the other hand crucial fuel for your muscles and brain.

Pasta is a cholesterol free product and contains very low amount of sodium in it, but provides you an excellent amount of several essential nutrients like B vitamins and iron and also completes your 25% of daily fibre requirements. It gives you feeling of full and eliminates your hunger so perfect for being the part of weight loss diet plan. Pasta has low glycemic index (GI) that means carbohydrates present in it triggers the blood sugar level to rise rapidly, and also a slower rate of digestion, which could possibly be helpful in controlling your appetite.

Pasta comes under the Italian cuisine, and becomes so popular in each part of the world that now it could be easily seen and available everywhere you desire for it. Every culture and cuisine had their own styles of preparation and verily different tastes, but it was first originated by Italian and Mexican cuisine.

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