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Are you finding cookies recipes and wish to make your own tasty cookies? Cookies and Biscuits recipes category offers you a wide variety to choose from. Let it be the yummy chocolate chip cookies or the amazing zeera biscuits, orange brownie bars or the oaten biscuits recipes, you will get it all. Cookies can be divided in a few types, depending on the method from which it is prepared and the dough consistency. Rolled biscuits, drop cookies, bar biscuits and refrigerator cookies are a few basic types. The biscuits can range from being crisp to soft but one thing commonly found in all cookies is the ability to excite your taste buds.

The delectable cookies recipes section offers you a collection of biscuits prepared from the basic ingredients available at home like butter, sugar, flour, eggs, brown sugar, baking powder and garnished with things like chocolate chips, peanuts, raisins, almonds, coconuts and oats. Various cookie cutters, decorative material and other exciting stuff is easily available in the market which makes your cookie making experience a lot more fun. Decorating your cookies and giving them the tempting touch is a favorite part of baking which you can learn with no trouble by the easy biscuits recipes and cookies recipes available here. The video tutorials will guide you through the techniques and tips to make perfect biscuits. Go ahead, search a biscuit recipe of your choice, decorate your cookies and gift them to your friends and family to surprise them with your home made cookie venture.

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