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Here is a vast collection of Lentils recipes and Pakistani recipes of Daal to add more variety and flavors to your meal. The rich Pakistani cuisine offers hundreds of different Daal recipes to chose from, ranging from rich and spicy daal to a lentils soup or a sweet dish made with lentils. Lentils being a source of nutrition and a staple food for the vegetarians around the world have become very popular. It holds an important place in the Pakistani cuisine and the Tarka of desi ghee over the spicy Daal recipes is the highlight of the dish. Cook your daal or boil it, mix it with chicken, meat, vegetables or simply serve them on a bed of garlic fried rice, present the dish with pickles or add a salad to the side dish. The low in calories and high in nutrition lentils will never let you down with the taste. Zaiqa.com is a source of authentic and tried Daal recipes and cooking videos which are prepared by top chefs and cooking experts.

In our collection you will find the easy lentils recipes, Pakistani lentils recipes, Indian Daal recipes, popular lentils recipes, Lentils soup recipes, Daal makhni, Vegetable Daal recipes, Moong ki daal ka halwa, Fry Mash Daal recipes and many more scrumptious lentils recipes. Serve your spicy and rich daal dishes with a salad or pickle to enhance the taste and discover the magic a simple daal dish can bring to your menu. The recipes and videos are updated on daily basis, so don’t miss the recent daal recipes added in the category.

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