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If you are looking for some interesting Seafood recipes, than you have landed up at the right place. has a compilation of some juicy and tasty Seafood recipes, easy Seafood recipes, Pakistani Seafood recipes and amazing Seafood dishes of different cuisines. Fish and Seafood is not difficult to cook; you can prepare a healthy and mouthwatering dish in less time. No extraordinary skills are required in Seafood recipes, but you should be careful about the ingredients used as all ingredients do not compliment seafood dishes along with the cooking time as overcooking can spoil the taste and results in reduce moisture of the dish. To answer all your questions and confusions, Seafood recipes category has text recipes and video tutorials of the cooking experts and top Pakistani chefs.

Browse and select your favorite seafood dish, prepare the delicious food and enjoy every bite of it. You can search from our famous collection of fish recipes like Lahori fish, Fish Katakat, baked fish, grilled fish, fish and chips etc. The seafood recipes section also has Prawn and shrimps recipes like Prawn Manchurian, Shrimp cocktail, Jumbo Prawns, Garlic prawns, Shrimp Teriyaki etc. This is just the beginning of the exciting recipes as there is much more to explore in the seafood section. The crab masala, crab soup, stuffed crab, yummy lobster dishes like Lobster Termidore, Fry Lobster and Lobster with vegetables are a few seafood dishes you can try this weekend and excite your taste buds.

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  • Baked Fish Recipe

    Baked Fish is tasty dish. Sauce is prepared with lemon juice, butter, spices and herbs. Then poured over fish fillet and sprinkled with bread crumbs. Then baked in oven, garnished with parsley & lemon wedges and served.
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  • Prawn Curry Recipe

    Prawn Curry is delicious dish. Prawns are cooked with onions, tomato, paste and spices. Then garnished with coriander leaves and serve with rice or naan or roti.
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  • Lemon Fish Recipe

    Lemon Fish is delicious dish. Lemon is marinated with lemon juice, garlic paste & white pepper mixture. Then dipped in all-purpose flour batter and deep fried in oil. Then topped with lemon sauce and served.
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  • Sweet and Sour Fish Recipe

    Sweet and Sour Fish is tasty dish. Fish pieces is mixed with soya sauce & all-purpose flour and deep fried. Then sauce is prepared with tomato ketchup, spices, chicken stock, corn flour mixture, mix vegetables & pineapple and cooked. Then poured on fried dish and served with boiled rice.
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  • Fish Steak Recipe

    Fish Steak is delicious seafood dish. Boneless fish fillet is marinated with garlic, herbs, sauces, spice, lemon juice and olive oil. Then grilled on grill pan on both sides. Then served with boiled vegetables and boiled rice or French fries or mashed potatoes or potato wedges.
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  • Tandoori Fish Recipe

    Tandoori Fish is tasty dish. Fish is marinated with ginger, garlic, lemon juice, lemon zest, gram flour, tandoori color and spices mixture. Then baked in oven and serve hot with chutney.
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  • Szechuan Prawns Recipe

    Szechuan Prawns is tasty dish. Sauce is prepared with ketchup, chili sauce, soya sauce, honey, crushed red pepper and cornstarch. Then prawns are stir-fried in oil and cooked with sauce. Serve with cooked or steamed rice.
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  • Fish Masala Recipe

    Fish Masala is tasty dish. Masala is prepared with yogurt & spice and roasted in oil. Then cooked with fish, mixed with lemon juice, green chilies & coriander leaves and simmered. Served with cooked rice.
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  • Prawn Cocktail Recipe

    Prawn Cocktail is tasty dish. Cocktail sauce is prepared with sauces, cream and lemon juice. Then mixed and season with salt & black pepper. Then prawns in served in serving glasses/dished on iceberg lettuce and drizzled with cocktail sauce.
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  • Fried Fish Recipe

    Fried Fish is tasty seafood dish. Fish fillet is marinated with lemon juice, spice and gram flour. Then deep fried and served with tartar sauce.
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  • Fried Prawns Recipe

    Fried Prawns is tasty seafood dish. Prawns are seasoned with salt, black pepper powder & garlic powder. Then dipped in all-purpose flour mixture, eggs, coated with bread crumbs and deep fried.
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  • Fish Tikka Recipe

    Fish Tikka is delicious dish. Fish boneless cubes is marinated with spices, cream, yogurt and gram flour mixture. Then grilled on grill pan or bbq on coal. Then brushed with oil and served with onion rings & chutney.
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  • Grilled Fish Recipe

    Grilled Fish is tasty dish. Spices, green chilies & coriander leaves are crushed and mixed with vinegar, ginger paste & garlic paste. Then fish is marinated with this mixture and grilled with butter & oil on grill pan. Then sprinkled with chaat masala and served with naan or chapati.
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  • Grilled Prawns Recipe

    Grilled Prawns is delicious dish. Prawns are marinated with spices, garlic paste, ginger paste, lemon juice and olive oil. Then grilled, garnished with cilantro & lemon wedges and served.
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  • Chilli Fish Recipe

    Chilli Fish is spicy seafood dish. Fish cubes is dipped in maida, corn flour & soya sauce batter and fried. Sauce is prepared with chopped green chili, soya sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce & corn flour, mixed and boiled. Then poured over fried fish, garnished with spring onion and served.
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  • Fish and Chips Recipe

    Fish and Chips is very delicious seafood dish. Fish is marinated with white pepper, mustard powder and lemon juice. Then dipped in maida batter and deep fried. Then served with french fries and tartar sauce.
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  • Chili Crab Recipe

    Chili Crab is tasty dish. Crab is stir fried with ginger, garlic, jalapeno and coriander leaves. Then cooked with hot chili sauce, oyster sauce & soya sauce mixture. then garnish jalapeno & coriander leaves and served.
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  • Butter Prawns Recipe

    Butter Prawns is delicious seafood dish. Prawns are deep fried in oil and cooked with sauces, lemon juice, red chilies & grated coconut in butter. Then sprinkled with fresh parsley and served.
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  • Finger Fish Recipe

    Finger Fish is very tasty dish. Fish is marinated with spices, beaten egg and lemon juice. Then dipped in gram flour batter, coated with bread crumbs and deep fries. Serve with french fries and ketchup or sauce or dip.
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  • Chili Prawns Recipe

    Chili Prawns is spicy dish. Prawns is coated with vegetable oil and cooked. Then tossed in sriracha sauce, soya sauce & brown sugar sauce. Then cooked again, garnished with sesame seeds & red chilies and served with rice.
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  • Prawn Tempura Recipe

    Prawn Tempura is tasty dish. Prawns is marinated with lemon juice and spices. Then dipped in maida mixture and fried. Serve with sauce or dip. You can make it at home easily.
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  • Prawn Masala Recipe

    Prawn Masala is delicious and tasty dish. Prawns are fried and then cooked with tomatoes mixture. Serve with rice or naan. Try this different recipe.
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  • Fish Curry Recipe

    Fish Curry is delicious seafood dish. Fish is marinated with lemon juice, garlic paste & red chili powder mixture and fried. Then cooked with green chilies and gravy. Serve with rice.
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  • Baked Fish In Aluminum Foil And Vegetable Brown Rice by Chef Gulzar

    Chef Gulzar cooked Baked Fish In Aluminum Foil And Vegetable Brown Rice that are some tasty recipes that you cook for your guest. He made them in his Dawat show on Masala TV
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  • Lahori Fish Recipe

    Lahori Fish is mouth-washing and delicious seafood dish. Fish is marinated with spices and deep fried. Then sprinkled chaat masala and serve with salad and chutney. You can make it at home easily.
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