Seafood Recipes

If you are looking for some interesting Seafood recipes, than you have landed up at the right place. has a compilation of some juicy and tasty Seafood recipes, easy Seafood recipes, Pakistani Seafood recipes and amazing Seafood dishes of different cuisines. Fish and Seafood is not difficult to cook; you can prepare a healthy and mouthwatering dish in less time. No extraordinary skills are required in Seafood recipes, but you should be careful about the ingredients used as all ingredients do not compliment seafood dishes along with the cooking time as overcooking can spoil the taste and results in reduce moisture of the dish. To answer all your questions and confusions, Seafood recipes category has text recipes and video tutorials of the cooking experts and top Pakistani chefs.

Browse and select your favorite seafood dish, prepare the delicious food and enjoy every bite of it. You can search from our famous collection of fish recipes like Lahori fish, Fish Katakat, baked fish, grilled fish, fish and chips etc. The seafood recipes section also has Prawn and shrimps recipes like Prawn Manchurian, Shrimp cocktail, Jumbo Prawns, Garlic prawns, Shrimp Teriyaki etc. This is just the beginning of the exciting recipes as there is much more to explore in the seafood section. The crab masala, crab soup, stuffed crab, yummy lobster dishes like Lobster Termidore, Fry Lobster and Lobster with vegetables are a few seafood dishes you can try this weekend and excite your taste buds.

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