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7 Reasons Why You Must Chew Your Food Well

Posted in Self Improvement by Nida Zafar

chewing well

The fast moving life, multi-tasking and a continuous busy routine has transformed the peaceful food breaks into a quick to finish job. We don’t even realize how important it is to eat in a relaxed environment and chew our food well while enjoying every bite. In this article we have compiled the most important 7 reasons why you must chew your food well and some tips are included in the end to guide you with healthy eating ideas.




10 Easy Salad Recipes and Health Benefits of Salad

Posted in Food & Recipes by Nida Zafar

Easy Salad Recipes

Do you know that single women prefer eating salads if men are around? This was proved in a research study conducted by a Canadian University. Now that’s surprising, isn’t it? A lot of other surprises are stored in this article for you regarding the importance of green vegetables, 10 easy salad recipes and health benefits of Salad. If you have noticed the recent menus of fast food restaurants, you will find an addition of “Salads” on the top of the menu cards. What do you think is the reason for the recent change? Can this be an attempt to save the fast food restaurants from lawsuits regarding unhealthy and fatty foods? Read More >>



Worst Foods to Eat in Restaurants

Posted in Food & Recipes, Self Improvement by Nida Zafar

Changing trends in the eating habits and life styles have made eating out a routine instead of a luxury. People now visit their favorite restaurants more often and order without considering the health perspective. The serving styles of cheese stuffing, extra topping options, stacking on the platter and sideline choices with other embellishments attached to a simple order are adding extra pounds to your waistline. Have you ever thought what comes extra when you upsize your meal, other than more fries and soft drink? Calories, saturated fats, cholesterol and so much more are also added to your upsized order. For this reason it is very important to choose wisely and avoid the worst foods to eat in restaurants.


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