10 Reasons That Cause Dry Skin in Winter Weathers

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Where winters mean hot chocolate, cozy fires and cuddles under blankets, dry skin and itchiness do not lag behind too. Being quite an annoying winter souvenir, dry skin needs to be taken care of.

In our previous articles we have compiled the natural ways to treat dry skin and have also informed our readers about the hidden effects of moisturizers, mostly used in winters. But to treat the skin dryness issue, it is important to understand the reasons that cause dry skin in winter weathers. Here is a compilation of 10 reasons that cause dry skin in winter weather and some tips to counter them.

1. Dry air

Cold weather in winters strips the humidity from the air and leaves it immensely dry. Dry air in turn, takes its toll on the skin leaving it dry and flaky.

TIP: Installing portable humidifiers is one way to add moisture to the air. Moisturizing creams can also help the skin retain its moisture and protect it against dry winter air.

2. Hot showers

Bathing in steaming water gets your frozen muscles working, soothes and refreshes you but it also scrapes oils off your skin, which are required to retain moisture against winters.

TIP: Frequent hot showers, should hence be avoided or application of moisturizing creams after winter shower should be practiced.

3. Excessive scrubbing

Scrubbing with sponges during shower tends to remove the dead skin and dirt but ends up with dry skin if proper scrubber and creams are not used. Too much post-shower rubbing with the towel are reported to have similar effect.

TIP: Give your skin a gentle treatment to prevent dryness especially in winters.

4. Harsh soaps

Strong, medicated soaps have high alkaline content that can make your skin dry and scaly. Sensitive and naturally dry skins are most prone!

TIP: Be careful in your selection of soaps. You may choose mild ones that acts as moisturizers and cleans you simultaneously.

5. Caffeine

Hot chocolate, coffee and other hot drinks virtually take place of water in winters. But caffeine writhe you internally causing dehydration.

TIP: Drink water regularly to counter the caffeine effect and also try reducing its intake in order maintain your natural moisture.

6. Less water intake

Our thirst and craving for water naturally ceases during winters. With dry air and other factors already stripping our body moisture, water intake becomes an essential counter action. Nature’s call from bladder becomes frequent too and may leave your body and skin dehydrated.

TIP: An intake of eight to ten glasses of water a day should be maintained during winters to prevent dry skin in winters.

7. Winter wears

The sweaters and warm winter clothing are made of fabrics which may cause itching and rashes or in some cases the skin is too sensitive for the thick winter material. The static energy is also generated in winters due to dry skin and friction.

TIP: Choose soft fabric for your winter wears or layer it over a soft cotton shirt to prevent it from scuffing your skin. You can also use a mild moisturizer before wearing the winter clothes.

8. Dandruff

Dandruff problem increases in winters. Skin, scalp, nose and even eyebrows are affected.

TIP: Oiling your scalp well and switching between shampoos with mild ingredients can help control this. Castor oil can be used as a natural remedy for dandruff and dryness on skin and eyebrows.

9. Indoor Outdoor Clash

We might be able to control temperature and atmosphere indoors through humidifiers and lighting up fires, but outdoors is naturally chill. Skin being our body’s first line of defense has to face a weather clash when we step out. This sometimes damages our skin during winters.

TIP: The effect can be curtailed through regular use of moisturizers before leaving home.

10. Medical condition

if you are prone to medical conditions like eczema or psoriasis, winters may intensify it.

TIP: Consult a doctor before using creams to prevent your condition from worsening.

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