Worst Foods to Eat in Restaurants

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Changing trends in the eating habits and life styles have made eating out a routine instead of a luxury. People now visit their favorite restaurants more often and order without considering the health perspective. The serving styles of cheese stuffing, extra topping options, stacking on the platter and sideline choices with other embellishments attached to a simple order are adding extra pounds to your waistline. Have you ever thought what comes extra when you upsize your meal, other than more fries and soft drink? Calories, saturated fats, cholesterol and so much more are also added to your upsized order. For this reason it is very important to choose wisely and avoid the worst foods to eat in restaurants.

Let us look into some most commonly ordered worst foods to eat in restaurants and find out what healthy alternatives we can choose:

  • Chicken Lasagna

Mouthwatering and yummy parmesan cheese with creamy sauces and extra toppings in Lasagna can cost you approximately 1400 calories and do you have any idea how much exercise is needed to burn these extra calories? Give it a thought when you take the next bite of the creamy lasagna at your favorite Italian restaurant.

  • Burger

Fried meat patty and sometimes double patties topped with fried egg or mayonnaise served with fries and drink seems to be finger licking good! But it is not at all good for your tummy. It will not just ruin the healthy diet you have been doing since the whole month but will also add to the saturated fats quantity along with sodium and 1000 plus calories in a single serving. Wait! Don’t think this is too much as there is more yet to come.

  • Cheese Cake

Do I really have to tell you why is this dessert said to be a worst order? A slice of a cheese cake weighing 2.8 oz. contains approx. 257 calories out of which 162 calories come from the fats but this is in case of a simple cheese cake without any creamy and nutty toppings. After having a complete dinner this Cheese Cake is only adding up to the tummy fat you have been trying to reduce since ages.

  • Philly Steak Burger

The scrumptious steak sandwich with special sauces, amazing toppings and sidelines is an awesome combination of 2000 calories (approximately based on the general Philly steak burger serving in Restaurants of Pakistan) and saturated fats. This one burger can easily fulfill your daily requirement of calorie intake. So you won’t eat anything for the rest of the day to balance this?

Today the marketing of the meals and the presentation is done with such perfection that people are easily attracted towards them. We enjoy such meals without the realization of the harm we can do to ourselves by consuming them. In the first half of the article we discussed some specific worst foods to eat in restaurants and now we will talk over some general components and ingredients that should be avoided if present in the dish you ordering.

  • Saturated Animal Fats

This includes fatty meats like beef and poultry with skin. Cheese and cream also comes in the same category. If the correct quantity is consumed it is of no harm. Sharing is caring so don’t eat the whole you order alone and in this way you can enjoy your food and stay healthy at the same time.

  • High Fat Snacks

Too much of the fatty snack intake including chips and fried stuff can cause certain chronic diseases. Inquire about the oil they use before you order. Vegetable oil is a better option but you should try and snack with non-fat and whole grain snacks or fruits.

  • Soda

Soda intake is not the right way of fluid intake. These drinks are normally made up of artificial sweeteners, preservatives artificial flavorings and colors. Instead of ordering a soda drink to accompany your meal, try fresh water or fruit juice.

This shows how important it is to select the right place to dine out. Taking some extra time in deciding your order is of no harm so next time you visit your favorite restaurant inquire about what the dish is made up of and chose a healthy alternative or sideline to balance your diet.

Over To You

Share with us your restaurant experiences and what other foods you think can be in the list of worst foods to eat in restaurants.

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