10 Worst Foods in Your Fridge

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Worst Food

Considering refrigerator as a magical place where anything can be stored and stay fresh forever is an ambiguous idea. We normally convert our refrigerators into a store room with stale, expired and unhealthy foods. Calculating the calories in a cheese dip or a double beef burger is normal for us but what about the calories we store in our fridge? Let us peek in your refrigerators today and highlight 10 worst foods in your fridge that are better to avoid for health reasons.

There are a lot of things that we realize being unhealthy like ice creams, Cream spread and butter but there are a lot of other food items that remain unrecognized and are considered in the list of 10 worst foods in your fridge.

1. Expired Food Items

Food being fresh or processed has a limited life. It cannot last forever and a proper check should be kept over the expiry dates of the food items in your fridge. The bacteria that grow on the expired food items can be dangerous for you and also produces an unpleasant smell in the fridge. For this reason “Expired food items” are on the top of the list and regular monitoring is integral.

2. Canned Juices and Drinks

In this category you can add all those packed juices, flavored drinks, cold drinks, ice tea and canned sugary liquors. The question is why are they included in the worst food items? Have you ever thought of the sugar content and artificial flavors you intake in a single bottle of the canned drink? In most of the drinks there is nothing natural and you are just gulping down the flavors mixed with sugar which is not at all good for your health.

3. Rotten Vegetables and Fruit

Refrigerators normally have a separate section or drawer for the fruits and vegetables and we usually overlook that subdivision. This result in not just a waste of food and money but will leave your fruit and vegetable section smelly, sticky and filled with bacteria. Ethylene gas which a rotten fruit produces, cause the other fresh products in your fridge to decay faster.

4. Coffee Creamer

Surprised to see this in the list of 10 worst foods in your fridge? Coffee creamers give your cup a lip smacking flavor but it is very important to know what your coffee creamer is made up of? Artificial flavors, corn syrup, preservatives, oils and thickeners are some ingredients you mix in your coffee when you add a spoon of coffee creamer.

5. Frozen Foods

Homemade clean and fresh food is always better that the processed frozen foods. Preservatives and additional flavors along with high content of sodium are simply a compromise over health. Sometimes going for the frozen foods to make your life easy can be justified but making a part of your daily cooking and eating habits is not reasonable. For this reason Frozen foods including nuggets, fries, sausages ,burger patties, parathas, deli line meat etc. fall in the list of 10 worst foods in your fridge.

6. Readymade dough

we normally make pizza, cookies, patties and biscuits at home and use readymade dough or base available in the supermarket. We stock it in our fridge, thinking of the time we save by not preparing one at home. Actually we are risking our health to save some of our time. Unhealthy fats, preservatives and unnatural ingredients in the dough make our healthy homemade food unnatural.

7. Flavored Yogurt

Mothers are happily buying their kids “flavored yogurts” and assuming that their children are having something healthy. What about the sugar content, artificial fruit flavors, food colors and other ingredients that are used to make flavored yogurt? Before you stockpile these frozen yogurts in your refrigerator, kindly give the ingredient list a look.

8. Cheese

One slice of Cheese means 100 calories on an average along with 8 grams of fats. Yes it provides you with calcium and protein but stocking it in your fridge may result in excessive usage and accumulating calories. Try shifting on low fat cheese instead!

9. Soya Sauce

It directly has no effect on your weight but as it is very high is salt content; it can result in weight gain due to water retention in your body. Soya sauce for this reason is not a worthy item to store in your fridge.

10. Margarine

Trans fats in margarine may intensify the threat of cardiovascular diseases. It can be the worst food item in your fridge. Replace the hard margarine with olive margarine or any other soft and “no trans-fat” and low calorie option.

TELL US: In the comment section below, share your views about the article and list the food items you consider “worst” to be stored in your fridge.

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