Bread/Dough/Buns Recipes

Bread, dough and buns have little much variations in their recipes for different purposes. They are all baking products but used and prepared differently for different purposes. We come across these in our everyday life, and they have become our necessities nowadays. As our new generation likes snacks and fast food more, and prefers junk foods from outside vendors too, so it`s better to make these favourite snacks for your kids at home in clean environment and hygienic way.

We use different breads prepared in different ways with variations in recipes for variety of purposes. If the same dough of bread is prepared in different shapes and baked in different ways, have different names and uses in our lives. We should provide variety for our kids to make different snacks from these breads to provide them full nutrition.

Bread could be used in our breakfasts in form of sandwiches of different fillings, or use it with omelettes or fried egg. You can also make egg burgers or cheese burgers for your kids` healthy breakfast. Buns are easy in holding for kids it`s preferable for their school snacks time. You can add jam, cheese, egg, chicken fish or beef fillet inside bun, or whatever your child likes most. These all fillings could be used to make sandwiches or burgers whatever you and your kids are convenient with. Dough is of different types for different purposes, as bread, buns are also in a dough form before baking. Similarly if you want to make pizza or donuts they also require a dough but different dough are prepared in different ways with different recipes in order to make different things.

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