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In previous years, chocolate was the focus of bad press because of its consumption is associated with intake of fat content, then other health problems like acne, obesity, coronary heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure, etc. but now recent researches have proved that two to three servings of dark chocolate intake in a week reduces chances of heart diseases in women. Dark chocolates also help in weight loss as it reduces your cravings for sweets and fatty foods and gives you feeling of full quickly. It is also reported that women who took chocolates in their diet on daily basis during their pregnancies, it helps to reduce their stress mode and kids born seemed to be happier and smiling than others.

A Dark chocolate helps to reduces chances of your diabetes. It has been proved that intake of dark chocolate daily for two weeks potentially reduces your stress hormone level and gives you relaxation as well as significantly reduces the metabolic effects of the stress. They also work greatly for providing you with sun protection and gives you cough and diarrhoea relief through strong compounds present in it. Drinking cocoa or having dark chocolate in your diet stimulates your brain performance and also helps to increase your intelligence level. Hence chocolates have many benefits in for your health and well being.

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