Banana Recipes

Bananas are one of the most popular fruit in the world that is also considered as an herb. They are highly nutritious and it is among the favourite fresh fruits. The curvy yellow fruit is high in potassium and pectin as well as a high source of fibre. It also encompasses vitamin c, B6 and magnesium. Bananas have great amount of antioxidants that protects you from free radicals, which you come across in everyday exposure of your skin.

Bananas are known for several of health benefits for example; it helps to reduce swelling, it also keeps you away from the development of type - 2 diabetes, it strengthens your nervous system, aids in losing your body weight and helps to produce white blood cells in your body as the fruit is rich in vitamin B6. According to the FDA, low sodium content and high potassium level in bananas protects you from high blood pressure as they are best for your cardiovascular health. Potassium works as a mineral electrolyte in your body which keeps electricity flow in your whole body that is essential for heart beat. They are also the best remedy for your other health issues such as; moods and depression by relaxing your muscles through magnesium present in it, can cure vision problems by significant amount of vitamin A present in the fruit, digestion and weight loss through fibre present in bananas helps you to keep regular, encourages protection for your bones through fructooligosaccharides which enhances calcium absorption in your body and could be helpful in kidney cancer by the rich antioxidant phenolic compounds in it.

Everything eaten in moderation gives you benefits, while excessive intake harms you in many ways. All fruits must be taken in moderate amount that is required by your body.

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