Cheese Recipes

Cheese is a dairy product that is made from pressed milk curds. Different varieties are produced from ripened that is aged cheese or unripen that is fresh cheese. It is delicious and nutritious food which can be used multipurpose. Nowadays more than 300 varieties are found in market, in different flavours, sizes, textures and colours to fulfil consumer requirements. Cheese contains powerful nutrients such as calcium, protein, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin A and vitamin B12.

We can use cheese spreads, slices, cubes or etc. in our breakfast omelettes or sandwiches, whether plain cheese sandwich or with combination of any mixture or steaks as u like. It provides a complete meal n complete diet full of nutrients and provides you full energy for starting your day. Cheese could also be used in your meals too. It is one of the main ingredients in Italian cuisine such as pizza, lasagne, etc. Fresh cheddar cheese is also used in some of our traditional dishes like palak paneer, chicken paneer, or fried items like cheese cutlets or cheese samosas and etc.

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