Chef Zakir Recipes

Chef Zakir started his cooking practice in one of the well known five star hotel of Karachi and since then he worked in the top most restaurants and hotels of Karachi, Dubai, Singapore, South Africa, UK and many others. His travelling and experience has bought positive changes in his cooking and the exposure to different cultures and cooking styles gave him the knowledge and polished his skills. Chef Zakir’s recipes are well incorporated in his own restaurants in Karachi by the name of “Clifton Grill Restaurant” and “Shan-e-Mughlia”.

He got his inspiration from his father who worked as a chef for PIA. Chef Zakir got impressed with his father’s skills and decided to pursue the same career. Chef Zakir started his career in Media with Hum TV in year 2006 and till now he has worked in many popular TV shows on different channels. He is a great person and thinks that cooking is a continuous learning process. For this reason he is planning to open an Institute where quality education can be provided for the people who want to get educated in the field of cooking.

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