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Information About Lemon by Chef Gulzar
Lemon contains anti-virus, it has ability to gain immunity and complete lack of vitamin C, it clear cold and flu, it cleans stone in kidney, it digest, it make teeth strong, it cleans blood and its juice is beneficial for high blood pressure and head dizzy.
Views: 664 | Rating:
Sydney Sunset Drink by Chef Gulzar
Sydney Sunset Drink is prepared with Honey, Orange Juice and Lemon Juice.
Views: 624 | Rating:
Aussie Meat Balls by Chef Gulzar
Aussie Meat Balls is an Australian Dish, prepared with Beef, Eggs, Bread Crumbs and served with Sauce.
Views: 564 | Rating:
Deviled Chicken by Chef Gulzar
Deviled Chicken is prepared with Chicken, Tomato and Lemon and garnished with Green Coriander and Spring Onion.
Views: 680 | Rating:
Keri Chawal by Chef Gulzar
Keri Chawal is a Rice Dish, prepared with Raw Mangoes, Rice, Bengal Gram and Coconut.
Views: 348 | Rating:
Kaddukash Keri Ka Achar by Chef Gulzar
Kaddukash Keri Ka Achar is prepared with Raw Mangoes and Spices.
Views: 352 | Rating:
Beef Keri Karahi by Chef Gulzar
Beef Keri Karahi is prepared with Beef, Tomatoes and Raw Mangoes and served with hot Naan.
Views: 311 | Rating:
Tips for Dehydration by Chef Gulzar
Recipe of Tips for Dehydration by Chef Gulzar in Dawat on Masala TV
Views: 505 | Rating:
Stir Fried Hoi Sin Beef by Chef Gulzar
Stir Fried Hoi Sin Beef is prepared with Beef, Mushrooms and Hoi Sin Sauce and garnish with Green Onion.
Views: 315 | Rating:
Green Detox Smoothie by Chef Gulzar
Green Detox Smoothie is a Cold Beverage, prepared with Banana and Green Vegetables.
Views: 524 | Rating:
Chicken Aloo Ka Salan, Mash Ki Daal And Macaroni Salad by Chef Gulzar
Chicken Aloo Ka Salan is prepared with Chicken and Potatoes. Mash Ki Daal is prepared with Mash Daal. Macaroni Salad is prepared with Macaroni, Capsicum and Cabbage.
Views: 1150 | Rating:
Teriyaki Sauce by Chef Gulzar
Teriyaki Sauce is prepared with Japanese Soya Sauce, Vinegar and Sesame Seed Oil
Views: 718 | Rating:
Japanese Style Beef Bowl by Chef Gulzar
Japanese Style Beef Bowl is prepared with Beef, Teriyaki Sauce and Rice
Views: 530 | Rating:
Information About Green Onions
Green Onions is antioxidant, it is beneficial for heart disease & eyes & stomach heat & low blood pressure & inflammation (soojan), it protects from cancer & infection & itchiness of throat, it make bones strong, it controls the level of blood sugar and it looses weight.
Views: 711 | Rating:
Coconut Jelly Serve In Coconut Shell by Chef Gulzar
Coconut Jelly Serve In Coconut Shell is a Sweet Dish, prepared with Green Coconut and decorated with Rose Petals
Views: 483 | Rating:
Information About Keri by Chef Gulzar
Keri (Raw Mango) contains lots of vitamins and minerals for your health. It completes lack of water in body, it protects blood disease, it cleans kidney, it protects teeth from diseases and bacteria, it make teeth strong, its juice protects from throat, heat pimple and heat, it protects from heart disease & bacterial infection & acidity in stomach and it freshness morning weakness,
Views: 759 | Rating:
Anda Daal Fried Rice by Chef Gulzar
Anda Daal Fried Rice is prepared with Rice, Eggs, Bengal Gram and Vegetables
Views: 613 | Rating:
Keri Ka Sharbat by Chef Gulzar
Keri Ka Sharbat is a Drink, prepared with Keri, Sugar and Lemon Juice
Views: 839 | Rating:
Information About Melon by Chef Gulzar
Melon should not be eated in morning and before sleeping. Melon is beneficial for face glow, constipation, urine and heart disease, finish dandruff in body and kidney stone, it protects kidney, control blood pressure, it protect and clean lungs, clean bacteria in body, control tissues of body, it make bones and teeth strong and protects from heart disease.
Views: 447 | Rating:
Melon Mocktail by Chef Gulzar
Melon Mocktail is a Drink, prepared with Melon and garnished with Cream.
Views: 442 | Rating:
Buffalo Chicken Salad by Chef Gulzar
Buffalo Chicken Salad is prepared with Chicken, Carrot and Green Vegetables and topped with Mayonnaise, Cream and Green Vegetables Dressing.
Views: 306 | Rating:
Banh Mi Burger by Chef Gulzar
Banh Mi Burger is prepared with Chicken, Prawn and Beef Pattie and stuffed in bun with Carrot, Sauce and Lettuce Leaves.
Views: 441 | Rating:
Information about Lady Fingers and Spinach by Shah Nazir
Lady Fingers (Bhindi) contains vitamin k, c or b, magnesium which is beneficial for mouth cancer, all body pains, high blood pressure and diabetics. Spinach contains iron which is beneficial for liver diseases and lack of blood by Shah Nazir.
Views: 527 | Rating:
Satto by Chef Gulzar
Satto is a Drink, prepared with Barley and Brown Sugar.
Views: 409 | Rating:
Seyal Phulka by Chef Gulzar
Seyal Phulka is a Side Dish, prepared with Chapati and Spices.
Views: 303 | Rating:
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