Farah Jehanzeb Khan Recipes

Farah Jahanzeb was born in Karachi, has Egyptian roots, her mother is a Punjabi and she is married to a Pathan family. Surrounded by so many rich cultures, Farah developed strong taste buds and her love for food made her a cooking expert. Farah Jahanzeb is also a designer and has done many shows on different TV channels where she teaches cooking, table presentations, cooking tips, Life style ideas and many more.

Farah is a hardworking lady and tries to bring perfection to her work. For this reason she has taken up cooking courses, baking classes, French food classes and other certificate courses. Farah jahanzeb’s recipes are appreciated as she is a very inspiring lady. Her presence on a TV show makes it more interesting as she entertains the viewers with her advices, fashion sense, travelling stories and motivates girls to work hard and make their lives of some use. Farah Jahanzeb is a cooking expert who is very passionate about whatever she does.

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