Mangoes Recipes

Mangoes are one of the best summer treat they are loved by almost everyone in the world especially when they are juicy, mouth-watering sweet and delicious. It`s a healthy treat for you as a dessert as well as provides you full of energy and refreshes your mind. A mango gives you innumerable health benefits. They are best for skin and resolve your skin problems too, as they are best source of antioxidants, especially vitamin C and vitamin A which keeps your skin glowing and healthy. It could also be use as face masks and scrubs, as it has the ability to reduce blemishes, dark spots, acne and etc. and provide you with natural glowing skin. It helps to improve your complexion and antioxidants present in it helps to delay your skin ageing and pigmentation.

Mangoes are not just beneficial for skin but also strengthens your immune system, helps in digestion, protects you from heat stroke, best for your healthy eye sight, alkalizes your body, helps to lower your cholesterol levels, gives you feeling of full so helps in weight loss, not only the fruit its leaves are healthy too, they helps to regulate your insulin levels, aids in concentration and memory, reduces kidney stones, high iron source and lot more.

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