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Something healthy, delicious in taste, simple to cook, interesting to present, low on calories and easy to eat is a small description of dishes prepared by pasta recipes, noodles recipes and macaronis. So why not learn some tasty pasta recipes which will surely become a favorite of the family. Pasta and noodles category is specially created, keeping in mind all what you need to learn about making the yummy pastas and noodles. Some techniques can only be learned by watching them, for this reason we have uploaded videos of cooking experts making homemade pasta dough and sheets. This gives you a chance to prepare homemade pasta which will certainly taste the best.

Serve your pasta with colorful salad or mix it with simple ingredients and sauces, the choice is all yours! With the amazing rich pasta sauces you can change the taste and try something new every time you make a pasta dish. We have a collection of white sauce, cheesy sauces, BBQ sauces, lemon butter sauce, red sauce, oyster sauce etc. Pasta being a versatile ingredient is no more a specialty of the Italian cuisine. You can find amazing noodles recipes made with the desi style of cooking and fitting into a perfect Pakistani cuisine taste. Various forms and shapes of pasta and noodles can be used to bring different texture to the dishes prepared. Casserole, spicy prawn noodles, desi style chicken pasta, lasagna, spaghetti with meat balls, ravioli, fruity pasta and so much more can be a part of your menu today.

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