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Weight has been an important part of our lives even before we are born and it continues to reveal its importance till we grow old. Keeping a check of your weight is mandatory to live a healthy life, and for this you may compare your height and weight to check how fit you are. If the result is not in your favor, you need to work things out to stay in shape.

Where is the Problem?

  • The current life style is leading more towards the problem of overweight than being underweight.
  • Usually people have too much body fat due to the excess intake of calories from foods and drinks than they burn through physical activity.
  • The unhealthy fat stored in the body not just hinders the way a person gets around and makes him lazy but also adds up the health risks like Cardiovascular Disease, Osteoarthritis, and Diabetes etc.
  • Fast food popularity in children has resulted in an increase in kid’s obesity count.
  • Less physical and outdoor activities have resulted in fat storage in our bodies.

How to Lose Weight

The answer to all this trouble is “Weight Loss” which is a test of your commitment, hard work, motivation and dedication. You need to be serious in your action of losing weight which does not mean crash diets and weigh loss pills but a simple combination of ‘exercise and controlled diet.’

Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. ~Edward Stanley

Some Activity is Better Than None

We are not asking for long park walks and hour long aerobic classes but the only requirement is MAKING A DIFFERNCE in your routine by:

  • Going for a physical activity like swimming, bowling, soccer for a replacement of a movie night out.
  • Taking stairs instead of the elevator and a little walk than opting for a taxi to cover short distance.

Healthy Intake:

This another element of staying fit. Body’s metabolism gets disturbed with unbalanced eating behavior and makes it harder to lose weight.

  • You need to reduce the amount of calories intake and burn the already existing fats.
  • Drop the sugar intake in your diet.
  • Try to eat fruits and green vegetables when you have inappropriate cravings.

Do Not Skip Meals

To lose weight fast people start missing their meals. This is not good for your health as there is no short cut to “Weight Loss”. Such meal skips may trim down your calorie intake for that time but the outcome will be leaving you hungrier soon after.

Avoid Mistakes

  • You may have water half an hour before meal but remember not to drink water after your meal.
  • Do not take diet pills and slimming capsules to reduce weight.
  • Avoid over exercise by hurting your muscles and focus on reduction of bad calories.

Healthy Alternative Chart

Instead of this Try this
Caned juice Fresh Juice
Whole milk Skim milk
Regular cheese Fat free cheese
Whole eggs Egg whites
Cookies and biscuits Whole wheat or high fiber biscuits
Microwave packet popcorn Homemade open popcorn
Butter Olive margarine or low calorie substitute
Jam and jelly Diet jam
Oil / ghee Olive oil
White Bread Bran bread
White rice Brown rice
Chips and snacks Fruits and Salad
Fizzy Drinks Water
Tea/Coffee Green tea
Fried food BBQ/Baked

Consistency of these efforts will bring a positive change and a healthy tomorrow. So let us pledge today that we will try staying positive, focused and keep our reasons and motivation close to our heart to get thinner as its better to lose pounds than losing health. Share your experiences with us and help others to lose weight by motivating them.

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