Table Manners and Etiquettes You Ought to Learn

Posted in Self Improvement by Nida Zafar

Being on the table is more than just eating. People judge you by the way you eat and behave on the table, so it’s very important to be kind, considerate and courteous while eating.

Begin with the Seating

  • Wash/clean your hands before eating.
  • Make sure that the elderly people are well seated before you jump on to your seat.
  • Put a napkin on your lap so you can later use it to wipe your mouth in a decent way.
  • Make sure that the plate is placed in the middle, glass at the top right, folk on the left and spoon along with the knife on the right side of the plate.
  • Sit with your back straight and do not bend on the table.
  • Keep your hand bag and stuff away from the table to create space for the food.

Food Serving

  • Be patient – wait for your turn and let the elders fill their plates first, it shows respect.
  • Avoid making impolite remarks about the food.
  • If you need something, ask some to pass it to you instead of bending onto their plates.
  • Say considerate words like “Thank you” and “please” when you are served food.

Eating Food

  • Do not dish out more than what you can finish.
  • Use proper cutlery meant for eating that kind of food. For example use a knife and fork for Pizza and a spoon for rice etc.
  • Enjoy your food and eat slowly, without making sound while you eat.
  • Take small bites and avoid filling your mouth with food as it gives a very disgusting look.
  • Keep away from talking when your mouth is full.
  • If by mistake you eat something hot, do not spit out. Instead drink a sip of water to cool down the effect.

Finishing Up

  • Gently wipe your mouth with the napkin and keep it on the side.
  • Put your used cutlery on the plate when you finish, and not on the table again.
  • Do not light a cigarette on the table as this can disturb other people around.
  • Lipstick marks on the glass are not considered good manners.
  • If something bothers you in your teeth, go aside and use a toothpick. Do not pick it on the table, it looks nasty.
  • Praise the food and the person who made it for you. This is surely a healthy gesture and will please the people who cooked food with great effort.

A meal with etiquettes is a whole new experience. These few quick tips will surely make your dinner table a more refined and sophisticated place.

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