Special Continental Breakfast Menu

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Continental Breakfast

I usually come across people who are confused about the continental breakfast menu and servings. If continental breakfast is the traditional breakfast of Europe than why is it popular in United Kingdom and served in most of the American hotels?

Continental Breakfast Origin

Actually this is true that continental breakfast is referring to the European continent but it is equally popular in other parts of the world too. Mainly it refers to a light breakfast which is considered cheap, easy to eat and quick to be served. For this reason it is conveniently offered by many hotels worldwide. There are different breakfast habits in European countries too. Like the French breakfast consists of just simple white bread served with jam and butter on the other hand German breakfast comprises of a full meal with a combination of cheese, eggs, meat and dark bread.

Serving of Continental Breakfast

Usually a continental breakfast is provided on the hotel lobby or a hall room with food placements on a big table in large containers and dishes. It is a buffet where guests help themselves with the food. Other facilities like glasses, bowls, cutlery and plates are available on one corner instead of being set on the individual tables. A specific breakfast serving time period is defined in the morning. Items served, quantity and quality may vary and highly depends on the restaurant serving it, price offered and the guests for whom it is served.

Special Continental Breakfast Menu

Normally a continental breakfast menu consists of fruits, cereals, cheese, croissants, bread and cold meat with drinks like fruit juices, coffee and tea. Pastries and other such starchy foods are also available at some places.

Bread Products

In a continental breakfast menu, assorted bread products like rolls, buns, toast, croissants, pastries and doughnuts are mostly included. You may find waffles with assorted toppings and sometimes pancakes are also available in the menu.

Beverages in the Continental Menu

You will always find fruit juices like orange or apple juice in the menu. It may be served as fresh or canned juice. Black tea, coffee and green tea is also a part of continental beverage menu. Milk and hot chocolate may be available on request of the guests or for children accompanying the guests.

Section Related to Fruits

In the continental breakfast you will surely find a section of fresh and canned fruits. Apples, oranges, banana, peach, pineapple, grapefruit and other seasonal fruits are a common part of the fruit section. Sometimes you may find dry fruits, figs, dates and fruit seeds in that section too.


Porridge, cold cereal, cornflakes, oatmeal and other cereals are included in the continental breakfast. The variety and combination of the cereals may vary and depends on the hotels serving breakfast.

Occasionally Available Items

Live cooking is not an idea of continental breakfast, and for this reason you will not find fried eggs, omelet, and sausages in the menu but in some cases scrambled eggs, already prepared sausages, mashed or boiled potatoes, boiled eggs etc. are placed in large dishes for the guests. These items are rare to find on the continental breakfast menu.

Continental Breakfast Tips

Continental breakfast is meant to be light and quick, so filling your platters to the top with food items is considered as bad manners. Do not mix all you wish to eat in one plate, instead take separate bowls for fruits and cereal and use small plates for sweets and doughnuts. Usually there is a specific time period for which the food is available, coming in late and demanding for a full menu serving is poor etiquette. So try to be on time and project your best manners while being in the breakfast hall. The way you eat shows how cultured and well-mannered you are!

I hope the above provided information will be of some use in clearing the confusions related to the continental breakfast menu. Don’t forget to express your views and reviews over the article and kindly share with us your experiences related to the continental breakfast servings.


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