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Brinjal (Eggplant) is high in fibre content and very low in calories, and it is effective for controlling high blood cholesterol. Furthermore it is good source of minerals such as copper, manganese, potassium and iron. Manganese serves as a co factor for antioxidant enzyme that is superoxide dismutase. Similarly potassium works as an important intracellular electrolyte which helps in counter pressing of sodium to reduce hypertension. It also contains good amounts of most of the essential B complex groups of vitamins like vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin B1 (thiamine) and vitamin B3 (niacin). These are essential in a way that body requires them from external sources to replenish and require them for fats, carbohydrates and proteins metabolism.

The skin or peel with deep blue or purple varieties of Brinjal (Eggplant) contains significant amounts of phenolic flavonoid phyto chemicals known as anthocyanins. These anti-oxidants have potential health effects against inflammation, aging, cancer and neurological diseases. Eggplant or aubergine is widely used throughout the world in different cuisines.

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  • Mixed Vegetable Curry Recipe

    Mixed Vegetable Curry is delicious vegetable dish. Peas, potatoes, carrots, eggplant & cauliflower is cooked in vegetable and simmer with spices & water. Then garnished with coriander leaves and served in dish with naan, boiled rice, chapati or paratha.
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  • Baingan Ka Bharta Recipe

    Baingan Ka Bharta is delicious dish. Eggplant is roasted on flame or cooked in oven and mashed. Then roasted with spices, tomatoes and yogurt. Then garnished with green chilies & coriander leaves and served with boiled rice, chapati, naan or paratha.
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  • Mixed Vegetable Pakora Recipe

    Mixed Vegetable Pakora is tasty snack dish. Cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, onions, spinach, green chilies & eggplants are dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried. Serve with any sauce or chutney.
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  • Baingan Kay Pakoray Recipe

    Baingan Kay Pakoray is tasty pakoray. Baingan is dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried. Serve with ketchup or chutney.
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  • Spicy Stuffed Eggplants Recipe

    Spicy Stuffed Eggplants is prepared with eggplants, tomatoes and spices. Spices are cooked with onion in oil. Then stuffed in eggplants. Then eggplants are cooked with tomatoes and serve.
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  • Lively Weekends Recipe Kachay K Qeemay K Kabab, Meday aur Sooji Mi Meethi Tikkiyan, Sindhi Spicy , Chicken Fry By Mehwish Murtaza.

    Mehwish Murtaza was chef for this weekend and she cooked Kachay ke qeemay ke kabab. This show was hosted by Kiran Khan and air on Masala TV.
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  • Gujarati Baingan Recipe

    Gujarati Baingan is Indian cuisine. Eggplants are deep fried and cooked with green chilies and spices. You must try this recipe.
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  • Mixed Vegetable Pakora Recipe

    Mixed Vegetable Pakora is tasty snack dish. It is prepared with onion, eggplant, cauliflower and potato. Dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried.
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  • Baingan Ka Bharta Recipe

    Baingan Ka Bharta is tasty dish. It is South Asian dish. Eggplants is greased with oil, grilled and roasted in oven. Then cooked with fried spices & green chilies, mixed with yogurt and served.
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  • Satrangi Sabzi Recipe

    Satrangi Sabzi is tasty dish. It is prepared with mixed vegetables. Serve with methi ki roti.
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  • Stuffed Eggplant

    Stuffed Eggplant is tasty dish. Spices & green chilies is stuffed in eggplants and fried. Must try this recipe.
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  • Bhagaray Baigan

    Bhagaray Baigan is popular Indian cuisine and also popular in Pakistan. It is eggplant curry, prepared with eggplants.
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  • Fried Masala Eggplant

    Fried Masala Eggplant is tasty dish. Eggplant is deep fried, cooked with spices and simmered. Serve with roti or naan.
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  • Baked Chicken Rice

    Baked Chicken Rice is new dish. Boiled rice and chicken is put in layered in oven dish, then topped with eggplant slices & cheese and baked.
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  • Baingan Aur Tamatar Ka Bharta

    Baingan Aur Tamatar Ka Bharta is national cuisine of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. It is little bit spicy dish. Eggplant, green chilies and tomatoes are grilled on direct fire and served with roti.
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  • Brinjal In Pasta

    Brinjal In Pasta is tasty dish. It is new variety pasta dish. Eggplant & spaghetti is cooked and topped with cheese.
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  • Rainbow Vegetables

    Rainbow Vegetables is new dish. It is prepared with four colors vegetable and baked in oven.. You must try this new recipe.
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  • Gujarati Baigan

    Gujarati Baigan is an Indian cuisine. It is spicy dish. You must try this recipe at home.
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  • Baigan Bharay Shami Kabab

    Baigan Bharay Shami Kabab in new variety kabab. Eggplant pulp is stuffed in chicken & chana daal mixture and shallow fried. Serve it with sauce.
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  • Baigan Ka Raita

    Baigan Ka Raita is amazing dish. It is prepared in winter season. It is served with hara lehsan in Pakistan.
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  • Arabian Eggplant Salad

    Arabian Eggplant Salad is healthy salad. It is prepared in Arabic style. It is topped with dressing and serve.
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  • Lasagna

    Lasagna is delicious dish. It is prepared in different layers of white sauce, lasagna, white sauce & cheese. It is cooked in different style.
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  • Kabuli Burhani Raita

    Kabuli Burhani Raita is Afghani dish. It is prepared with yogurt & eggplants and served with tomatoes & green chilies bhagar.
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  • Shaljum Aur Gajar Ki Sabzi

    Shaljum Aur Gajar Ki Sabzi is healthy vegetable dish. It is prepared with turnips, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, potatoes, eggplant & peas. It is served with roti.
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  • Eggplant Chicken Rice

    Eggplant Chicken Rice is delicious rice dish. Then combination of chicken & eggplants is amazing. Must try this dish.
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