Potatoe Recipes

Potato is one of the favourite vegetables for almost everyone in the world, whether mashed, roasted or baked; it could be served in several ways. They are available throughout the year. Most popular use of potatoes is French fries that is loved by almost everyone, whether elders or kids. Deep fried potato could be the cause of high cholesterol levels, instead baked potatoes are low caloric. Potatoes are a good source of vitamin B6, copper, potassium, vitamin C, phosphorus, manganese, niacin, pantothenic acid, and dietary fiber. It also contains phytonutrients, which worked as antioxidant activity. Among them essential health promoting compounds are flavonoids, carotenoids, caffeic acid, unique tuber storage proteins, like patatin, that helps in exhibiting activity against free radicals.

Iron and zinc in potato plays crucial role in production and maturation of collagen. Phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium, all contributes in maintaining and building bone structure and strength. It also helps in decreasing blood pressure. It contains fiber in it which helps in regular bowel movements in your body and prevents from constipation. It is also used in cutlets, and common in mix russian salads.

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  • Vegetable Biryani Recipe

    Vegetable Biryani is tasty biryani. Mix vegetables are cooked with yogurt & spices and layered with boiled rice. Then mixed and served hot with raita.
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  • Peppercorn Steak Recipe

    Peppercorn Steak is mouth-watering main course dish. Beef or chicken is marinated with sauce mixture and cooked. Then served with caramelize onion, boiled vegetables, mash potato or potato wedges or fries or boiled rice and topped with peppercorn sauce.
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  • Vegetable Burger Recipe

    Vegetable Burger is tasty burger. Potatoes, peas, onions, green chilies & spices are mixed and made patties. Then dipped in maida & rice flour mixture, coated with bread crumbs and fried. Then kept on burger buns with lettuce leaves, cucumber slices & cheese sauce and served with fries, ketchup & chili garlic sauce.
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  • Khatay Aloo Recipe

    Khatay Aloo is spicy dish. Potatoes are boiled and fried with spices. Then cooked with jaggery, tamarind pulp and water. Then garnished with chopped green chilies & coriander leaves and served hot.
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  • Aloo Palak Recipe

    Aloo Palak is mouth-watering vegetable dish. Potatoes are mixed with tomatoes & spices in oil. Then cooked with spinach. Then mixed with cumin seeds, ginger & green chilies and served with hot naan or rice.
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  • Creamy Potato Soup Recipe

    Creamy Potato Soup is healthy soup. Potatoes, carrots & onions are boiled with chicken stock and cooked. Then stirred with butter, milk & flour mixture and mixed with sour cream. Then topped with croutons and serve hot.
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  • Vegetable Soup Recipe

    Vegetable Soup is yummy and healthy soup. Mix vegetables are cooked and simmered with vegetable stock. Then served in soup bowls with crackers.
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  • Cream of Spinach Soup Recipe

    Cream of Spinach Soup is delicious soup. Potatoes, chicken stock & chicken cubes are boiled and simmered. Then cooked with chopped spinach. Then blended, mixed with sour cream and served in soup bowls with cream topping & croutons.
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  • Garlic Fries Recipe

    Garlic Fries is crispy fries. Potatoes are cut in finger shape and boiled. Then mixed with corn flour & rice flour and deep fried. Then tossed with chaat masala & bbq masala, topped with garlic sauce & ketchup and served.
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  • Masala Fries Recipe

    Masala Fries is spicy fries. Boiled potatoes fingers are mixed with rice flour and corn flour. Then deep fried in oil and tossed with chaat masala, bbq masala & salt. Then topped with tomato ketchup & mayo garlic sauce and served hot.
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  • Egg Fried Rice Recipe

    Egg Fried Rice is tasty dish. Eggs are fried in oil and scrambled. Then cooked with mix vegetables, mixed with boiled rice and cooked again. Serve with raita.
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  • Fish Zinger Burger Recipe

    Fish Zinger Burger is crunchy and crispy burger. Fish is marinated with sauce and spices mixture. Then dipped in maida & eggs mixture, coated with bread crumbs & corn flakes mixture and deep fried. Then stuffed in burger buns with tartar sauce, cheese slice & lettuce leaves and served with French fried, tomato ketchup & chili garlic sauce.
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  • Mayo Fries Recipe

    Mayo Fries is crispy fast food dish. Boiled potatoes are mixed with corn flour and rice flour. Then deep fried, mixed with chaat masala, topped with mayo sauce and served.
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  • Grilled Sandwich Recipe

    Grilled Sandwich is children favorite dish. Chicken or beef is mixed with spices and sauce. Then cooked in oil and give smoke of coal. Then kept on bread slice with coleslaw, vegetables, covered with second bread slice, grilled on grill pan and served with fries & ketchup.
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  • Garlic Mayo Fries Recipe

    Garlic Mayo Fries is very tasty and yummy fries. Potatoes fingers are boiled, mixed with corn flour, rice flour & black pepper and deep fried. Then sprinkled with chaat masala and served with mayo garlic sauce.
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  • Dumpling Recipe

    Dumpling is tasty dish. Chicken is cooked, chopped and mixed with mashed potatoes, cheese and green chilies. Then filled in dumpling wrapped, sealed and deep fried. Serve with sauce or ketchup.
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  • Club Sandwich Recipe

    Club Sandwich is children favorite dish. Chicken fillet is marinated with spices, sauce & paste, grilled and shredded. Then kept in on bread slice, covered with second slice, then kept mayonnaise dip, fried egg, cheese, tomato, cucumber and covered with third slice. Served with coleslaw salad, French fries and tomato ketchup.
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  • Fish and Chips Recipe

    Fish and Chips is very delicious seafood dish. Fish is marinated with white pepper, mustard powder and lemon juice. Then dipped in maida batter and deep fried. Then served with french fries and tartar sauce.
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  • Cheese Fries Recipe

    Cheese Fries is yummy fast food dish. Potatoes are boiled and mixed with corn flour & rice flour. Then deep fried, mixed with chaat masala and topped with cheese sauce.
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  • BBQ Fries Recipe

    BBQ Fries is tasty fast food dish. Potatoes are boiled and mixed with corn flour, rice flour & black pepper. Then deep fried in oil, mixed with chaat masala and topped with bbq sauce.
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  • Finger Fish Recipe

    Finger Fish is very tasty dish. Fish is marinated with spices, beaten egg and lemon juice. Then dipped in gram flour batter, coated with bread crumbs and deep fries. Serve with french fries and ketchup or sauce or dip.
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  • Beef Stew Recipe

    Beef Stew is tasty dish. Beef is cooked in oil and boiled. Then cooked with vegetables & spices and mixed with all-purpose mixture. Then garnished with coriander leaves and serve with naan, rice or roti.
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  • Murgh Musallam Recipe

    Murgh Musallam is tasty dish. Poppy seeds, black pepper, white cumin & cardamon are grinded and mixed with spices, yellow color, ginger paste, garlic paste, kewra & yogurt. Then chicken is marinated with this mixture and deep fried. Then served on yellow rice with boiled eggs & fried potatoes and sprinkled with almonds, raisins & chaat masala.
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  • Aloo Ki Bhujia Recipe

    Aloo Ki Bhujia is tasty dish. Potatoes are cooked with tomatoes and spices. Then simmered with green chilies and coriander leaves. Serve hot with naan, roti or chapati.
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  • Mixed Vegetable Curry Recipe

    Mixed Vegetable Curry is delicious vegetable dish. Peas, potatoes, carrots, eggplant & cauliflower is cooked in vegetable and simmer with spices & water. Then garnished with coriander leaves and served in dish with naan, boiled rice, chapati or paratha.
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