Steamed Chicken, Baked Chicken Pasta, Double Decker Sandwiches And Strawberry Delight by Sara Riaz

Feb 22, 2014
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Steamed chicken 


Chicken 1kg 
Lemon juice 4 tbsp 
Onion 1 golden brown & crush
Cumin 1tbsp roasted & crush 
Salt for taste 
Red chilli powder 1tsp
Garam masala 1 tsp 
Ginger garlic paste 2tsp 


In chicken add all spices & marinated for 4 hours 
Then put the chicken in bowler for beaked till chicken cooked.. 

Baked chicken pasta 


Chicken boneless half kg in cubes
Pasta 1 packet boiled 
Oil 1/2 
Ginger garlic paste 1tbsp 
Butter 2tbsp 
Flour 2 tbsp 
Salt for taste 
Black pepper 1tsp 
Mustered 1tbsp
Milk half kg 
Cheese crush 1 cup 
Capsicum 1 cubes
Onion 1 cubes 
Sweet corn 1cup 
2 egges boiled 
Mustered powder 1tsb 
White vinegar 1 tbsp 


In pan add chicken cubes salt black pepper , ginger garlic and cooked until chicked soften add capsicum   corn , white vinegar , mustard powder & cook only 1 min 

For white sauce 

In pan add butter , flour salt, black pepper, mustard cook & mix all ingredients then add milk and make a thick sauce in the end add cheese.. 

Take a dish & make a layer of boiled pasta & then place cook chicken over the pasta make 3rd layer of slices of egg then add white sauce on at in the end sprinkle cheese over it Pre heated oven 
keep it on oven in 180c 

Strawberry delight 


Water 2 cup 
Jewly strawberry crystal 2 packet 
Cream beated 2 packet 
Condense milk half cup 
Cream cheese half cup 
Marry biscuit 2 roll 
Strawberry 8-9  


In pan 2 cup of water add  2 packet of jewly and cook in high flame 
Next in a bowl make a layer of marry biscuit &take out cook jewly on biscuit & sprinkle cuted strawberry. 
In next bowl add cream   cheese cream , condense milk &slowly beated 
Then add this mixture on jewly .. And serve it

Double Decker sandwiches 


Bread slices 4 grilled 
Salad leaves 
Cheese slice
Double fried egg 
Chicken boiled shredded


Shred chicken. Add mayo and make a paste.
Take a bread and apply mayo and place salad leave then add chicken paste on it then add tomato slices over it .over it ,next slice of bread and again apply mayo over it & add slice of cucumber and fried egg on it.cover it with another slice.again apply mayo and cheese slice in last layer

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