Creamy Fruit Cocktail Dessert

Jul 27, 2016
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  • Fresh cream 2 packets
  • Sugar 3 tbsp
  • Plain cake 1
  • Fruit cocktail 1 tin
  • Raisins 2 tbsp
  • Bananas 4


  1. Put cream in bowl, add sugar and mix it nicely.
  2. Now keep cake pieces in bowl.
  3. Then put cocktail syrup.
  4. Now mix fruit cocktail in cream nicely and spread on cake pieces.
  5. Then cut bananas into slices.
  6. Now put bananas and raisins on dessert.
  7. Serve chill.

Creamy Fruit Cocktail Dessert is yummy dessert. It is prepared with cream, cake, banana and fruit cocktail. Serve chilled.

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