Daal Karahai

Aug 12, 2009
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  • Gujarati Daal by Zarnak Sidhwa

    Gujarati Daal is an Indian Dish. It has spicy, sweet & sour taste. It can be prepared with arhar daal or tuvar daal. Must try this recipe at home.
  • Daal Palak Recipe

    Daal Palak is prepared with masoor daal and spinach. Cooked with green chilies & spices paste and tomato. Serve with rice or naan. You can also other daal.
  • Daal Masala

    Daal Masala is delicious daal. Red masoor daal is used to prepare this dish. It is served with rice.
  • Daal Kababi Recipe

    Daal Kababi is amazing dish. Chana daal & mash daal are boiled and chopped in chicken mince. Then mixed with, vegetables, eggs & rice flour and kabab made. Shallow fried and serve with ketchup or sauce.
  • Special Haleem Recipe

    Special Haleem is tasty dish. It is prepared with beef, barley, wheat, rice, chana daal, moong daal, mash daal and masoor daal. Serve with hot naan.

Recipe of Daal Karahai by Chef Zakir

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