25 Advices For Ramadan That Will Make Your Busy Life Stress-free

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Let us start this month of Ramadan with high spirits and aim to bring some positive changes in our lives. The real essence of Ramadan is to bring some kind of transformation within us and to bring us close to our religion. The daily routine in Ramadan is different and sometimes this change becomes difficult to manage. Keeping in mind the busy life these days and the wish to avail most out of this Ramadan let us look into 25 advices for Ramadan that will make your busy life stress free and you will be able to earn the blessings of Ramadan. The advices will help you to stay healthy and will guide you to plan your sleep along with the cooking tips, religious worship advices and some general recommendations.

Advices on Ramadan Eating Habits

  1. Eating Sehri is very important to give you energy all day. Do not think that you can lose weight if you miss Sehri as you end up in a lazy day and eat more in iftar. Avoid eating oily food in Sehri as this can make you feel thirsty all day.
  2. Include fruits in your iftar diet and avoid fried items to stay healthy. Dates provide instant energy and you should try to open your fast with dates.
  3. Drink water in regular intervals after iftar to avoid dehydration.

Advices on Cooking During Ramadan

  1. Make a list of items you can prepare in iftar and sehar and buy grocery accordingly in bulk. This will save your time and will make your cooking decisions easy.
  2. Prepare the food items which you can freeze and use later. Cutlets, samosas, rolls, kebabs, and other ready to fry items can be made before Ramadan and you can fry them whenever needed.
  3. While you cook, listen to any Islamic CD or Tilawat, do zikr and thank Allah for the blessings He has bestowed upon you. In this way you can earn countless rewards while cooking.

Advice for Exercising During Ramadan

  1. Exercising and workout while fasting can leave you drained out if you are unable to manage it properly. You can take advice from your gym instructor or physical trainer on the exercise routine. Most of the people advice to divide your workout and do simple exercises in the afternoon and the tiring workout after Isha prayers.

Sleeping Tips and Advices for Ramadan

  1. Perform ablution (wazu) before going to bed and do zikr till the time you fall sleep. This practice is also encouraged by our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  2. Manage your sleep timings and sleep early in order to wake up fresh in Sehr time. Disturbed and less sleep can make you feel tired and lazy. If you get time in the day to take small naps, avail the chance as this is help you to regain your energy and you can stay fresh for the Tarawih prayers.

Time Management for Personal Worship

  1. Pray with your heart and soul. Pay full attention on your prayers and try to add nafils to the regular prayers in order to get more rewards. Ramadan is a month that gives us multiple ways to earn blessings so we should try to take out time and offer our prayers with peace of mind and concentration.
  2. Do not miss Tahajjud prayers especially in Ramadan as you can easily manage them by waking up a little early from the time you wake up for preparing sehr food. This can be an additional benefit which you can earn by just a small effort.
  3. Try to Recite Quran as much as you can. You can even recite Quran while you are stuck in long traffic jams and utilize that time in a great way. Besides this you can try to read meanings of what you recite and understand what Quran says as all answers to our problems are hidden in the true meanings of Quran. There are several authentic books, CD’s and cassettes that can help you with understanding Quran as this is an abundant source of bringing positive change in your life.
  4. Do as much Zikr as possible. Recalling names of Allah and recite Surah’s that you have memorized. While walking, cooking, doing household work or travelling, in fact whenever you get time just remember Allah and do Zikr as this will increase the balance of your good deeds in the books of rewards.
  5. Do regular charity and help the poor and needy people. Allah help those who help His people and for this reason we should try to give gifts in Ramadan to the needy people, help them in any ways, provide them with food and aid widows and orphans.
  6. Tarawih is offered after Isha prayers and people normally leave them as they feel tired after fasting but we should realize that these special prayers are rewarded to us by Allah and behold numerous bounties. The time we spend standing in prayers is basically an investment that we are making which will repay us with huge rewards on the Day of Judgment. So make sure that you manage your cooking and sleeping times in such a way that Tarawih prayers are offered with fresh mind and body as this is also a chance to listen the complete Holy Quran.

General Ramadan Advices

  1. Fasting does not mean to refrain from food and water but it also demands Muslims to stay away from bad habits and sins. Try to avoid listening music, watching movies and give more time in praying and reciting Quran. Late night parties and shopping means missing Fajar and Sehar. For this it is advised not to waste time in worldly matters.
  2. Before you go to sleep, review what you did the whole day. Analyze yourself and your religious activities. Compare yourself with the people who are more active in religious works and be your own critic. This will give you energy to start the new day with more dynamism towards religious works. You can make a time map in your mind before you sleep on how to manage the next day as this will make your work easy and stress free.
  3. Try to be in Wazu (Ablution) all day as this will help you to stay pious and pure and pray a lot this Ramadan for yourself, your parents, Muslims around the globe, your country, your children, martyrs in the way of Islam and also pray for the power of Islam.
  4. Avail the morning time and complete all your important work in that time period as you are high in energy in the morning. Then as the day goes by you can do rest of your work in regular intervals.

Ramadan Advices Regarding Children

  1. Childhood is the best time to develop your child’s interest in the month of Ramadan. You can buy them small gifts when Ramadan starts and tell them how important this month is for the Muslims. Involve the school teachers and parents of your child’s friends and initiate small Islamic sessions for your children and teach them about Islam through arts and crafts or something colorful which will attract kids.
  2. Ask your child to make a diary in Ramadan and write all good things they do and reward them with candies at the end of each day for the good deeds. This will develop a sense of good deeds and rewards in your child.
  3. In young age, let them fast for a few hours in Ramadan as a practice of fasting when they grow up and encourage them when they complete those few hours successfully and prepare something special in Iftar as a gift for them.
  4. Replace the bed time fairytales with Ramadan stories and Islamic incidents which will not just increase your child’s knowledge about Islam but will also motivate them to do noble actions during the pious month.
  5. Take your child to the Mosque and make them offer prayers in congregation. This will help in building their habit of offering prayers in the Mosque.
  6. Make your child realize the real meaning of staying hungry during the fast and tell them that this hunger makes us understand how the poor people suffer. Ask them to give away some of their toys and clothes to the needy people for the sake of Allah’s happiness.

The few advices above are compiled to help you in managing the daily routine during Ramadan. We should not forget that this month is a training period for the rest of the year and we should try to continue the good deeds and pious actions all around the year. Let us promise ourselves that we will not waste this opportunity and let us all be determined to transform ourselves into better Muslims. Share your advices and tips for the Holy month of Ramadan and help others in getting most out of it.


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