7 Rewarding Goals to Achieve This Ramadan

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Ramadan has arrived with all its blessings and greatness. Now is the time to realize what the purpose of coming in this world is and what is the real reason of being born as a Muslim? We start planning for the iftars, diet plans, new dress and gatherings but is this why Ramadan is given to us as a gift by Allah? No! This is not it as some very important preparations are yet be made and some significant goals are to be set in order to bring a positive change in your life ahead.

Let us take out a few minutes from our busy lives and set some practical goals to be achieved this Ramadan which will grant us blessings for the rest of the year. This is not something difficult and every one of us can easily accomplish it if a little dedication and sincerity is involved. We first need to look into our lifestyles and search our souls in order to identify the mistakes we have been doing till now. Try to write down the goals on a piece of paper and stick it at a place from where you can read it at least once a day. To make the goal setting task easy let’s talk over the 7 rewarding goals you can accomplish this Ramadan.

1. Moderation in your lifestyle

This can be a simple change that we can bring in ourselves this Ramadan. Islam teaches us to be fair and keep a balance in our lives. The way we live, eat, drink and wear should portray the essence of moderation. Special preparations are made for the Iftar time and a lot of food is wasted. Overeating is not good for health and is not even permissible in Islam. So let us make this our first goal that we will try to bring moderation in our lives, especially in our eating habits.

2. Technology cut down

Cell phones, games, laptops, social media sites and a lot more choices are available these days where we can easily pass hours. Technology boom has definitely made our lives easier and faster but a lot of unnecessary time spent on these gadgets is not a correct choice to make.Try and avoid wasting time on checking mails, refreshing Facebook, playing games and watching television instead spend more time on your spiritual uplift during this Ramadan. This technology cut down will leave you with more time that you can spend in praying and reciting Quran.

3. Contact your relatives and forgive your loved ones

In Ramadan Kareem, 10 days are especially dedicated to “Forgiveness”. Allah forgives our sins and show mercy on us in this month. We being humans should also take this as a golden chance to get rid of the grudges, complaints, bitterness and pain which we hold in our hearts against our relatives, friends and family. Just give them a call or email them and greet them with Ramadan wishes and forgive them for whatever bad they did to you and ask for forgiveness if you did anything that might have hurt them. The busy lifestyle has caught us all so much that instead of being more in contact with the world becoming a global village and technology reducing the gap between different parts of the world, we have been out of touch with our loved ones since long. This Ramadan set your goal to strengthen the connection with your relatives. This will not just release the burden from your mind and body but will also make your soul lighter. It is better to forget and forgive instead of holding hatreds in your hearts.

4. Charity on regular basis

The institution of charity was built in Islam to bring out equality and justice. We should be generous and give charity to the needy and the poor on regular basis. This will not just reduce the gap between the poor and the rich but will be beneficial for the society. Islam had made rules that cover all aspects of life. Charity also has its economic and social benefits. How much to give is not a question as what really counts is your pure intention. Make this is a habit and a goal for Ramadan that you will give charity to the needy regularly and work for the betterment of the Muslims around the world. This is also a practice of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and is also made as an obligation in the form of Zakat on all eligible Muslims.

5. Make a list of your bad habits

Do you smoke? Backbite? Miss prayers? Cheat? Misbehave with adults? Use bad language? Or have any other habit which you think is not good? Than what are you waiting for? This Ramadan is the best time to get rid of it. Take a piece of paper and list down your bad habits and try to cut them down. The main reason of writing the bad habits is to make you realize where you are wrong and where is a need of improvement. Don’t worry as this is not something impossible. The month of blessings will give you the strength to fight with your bad practices and will help you to transform into a better person. If you wish you can make a small charity box and drop in some money every time you make a mistake or get engaged in anything immoral. This might help you to restrain from the bad habits (as there will be a fear of losing money) and will also grant you with an opportunity to earn rewards by giving charity.

6. Recitation of the Holy Quran

Almost 30 days of Ramadan Kareem and a wonderful opportunity to complete the recitation of the Holy Quran in this sacred month. Earning countless rewards by the recitation of Quran can make you rich in virtues. Connect with God and earn His blessings by making the recitation of Quran your most important goal of Ramadan. This goal can be achieved with no difficulty as you can set special timings in a day to complete the Quran recitation according to your plan. Another idea is to recite a few pages after every prayer and this can help you to divide the recitation time which can make things easy for you. The most important thing is to make recitation of Quran your regular habit around the year. Just take out five minutes in a day on regular basis to read and understand Holy Quran.

7. Tarawih prayers

Offering Tarawih prayers in a mosque or congregation can help you to earn bonus rewards and extra blessings in this holy month. A Tarawih prayer is the opportunity to earn extra points of good virtues given to us by the grace of Allah in the month of Ramadan. These prayers show the unity and spirit of the Muslims who come together after the Isha prayers. Tarawih prayers also provide you with an opportunity to listen to the complete Quran in the prayers. Offering Tarawih prayers regularly in this Ramadan can be your ultimate goal which if achieved can provide you with countless virtues and blessings.

Above are some suggested goals that you can set and achieve this Ramadan. If you think it is difficult to get your goals than don’t lose hope and keep on trying. Allah knows your intentions and He is very generous. Ask Allah to grant you with the strength and your dedication and struggle in the way of Islam will surely make you a better person. Purity of the soul is very important and it can only be achieved if we realize that the real essence of fasting is not being hungry and thirsty but it is to abstain from telling lies. Fasting in the month of Ramadan builds a protecting shield around us which helps us in staying away from the sins. Some other goals that we can try to accomplish in this month can be providing food for iftar to the needy people, doing social service, study more about our religion and spread the teachings of Islam to our near ones.

Fasting is an obligation and it makes us pious. If you understand the real purpose of fasting than getting your objectives will become easier for you. So, get ready and set your own goals as the month has already started. Don’t miss this opportunity as we never know if this Ramadan is our last one. Share your goals and ideas with us and tell us how you are planning your Ramadan this year and tell us how useful was this article in helping you to plan your Ramadan goals and achieving them


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