25 Easy Recipes and Menu Ideas for Bachelors

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Recipes for Bachelors

Bachelor cooking recipes are in high demand these days. The concept of traveling for studies and work has become very popular. So if you are a bachelor, living alone at an isolated place and sick of eating unhealthy fast food and homemade sandwiches than you are at the right place. Here you will find 25 easy recipes and menu ideas for bachelors. Cooking is not problematic if you know some basics. So we will not just provide you with the recipes and ideas but will also guide you to the basic ingredients of Pakistani cuisine.

Say “NO” to sandwich days and make your own delicious food in no time. For this, acquaintance with the basic spices and ingredients is important which should be available in your kitchen to prepare the easy recipes.

  • Red chili powder
  • Zeera powder
  • Turmeric Powder
  • Salt
  • Garam Masala
  • Garlic Paste
  • Ginger Paste

Here are 25 easy recipes and menu ideas for bachelors which can be prepared quickly by saving time and require basic cooking skills:

  1. Paneer Makhni
    This is a simple recipe of Paneer which is quite rich but gives a great taste especially in winters. This dish has nothing fancy and is prepared in a quite easy way. You can get your Paneer from a near buy supermarket or can make it at home too.
  2. Chicken filled potatoes
    This dish is about creating magic with a few ingredients. Prepare your potatoes and chicken in advance and just bake when you hungry. Isn’t it great?
  3. Chicken Jalfarezi
    Serve it with rice or garlic bread and the taste is still the best! Try this and impress the people around you.
  4. Chicken Berry Salad
    When you don’t have much time to cook, try to toss some fruits in grilled chicken pieces (which you can prepare and freeze) and enjoy a yummy salad with full of nutrients.
  5. Tarragon Chicken Steak
    This dish will take a little time but is certainly an easy recipe for a perfect Sunday dinner. Try it and I am sure you will love it!
  6. Chicken Wings
    Marinate and freeze them. They can be an amazing starters and even your main course when you are too lazy to make something else.
  7. Pizza
    You can easily get the pizza base from a supermarket and half your work is done. Alter the recipe according to the availability of ingredients and enjoy the easiest bachelor Italian recipe.
  8. Vegetable Pulao
    Vegetables are always quick to make and when you are in a mood of pulao then what can be the best option other than trying this flavorsome rice dish.
  9. Spicy Chicken Pasta
    This is a very easy toss for all the bachelors who want something appetizing and have less time to prepare. After a long tiring day Spicy chicken pasta is a good option for dinner.
  10. Cheese Sticks
    Are you a cheese lover? Then go for this recipe and fall in love with cheese again.
  11. Anda ghotala
    Anda Ghotala is a very popular Bachelor dish. This can be an appetizing breakfast or a delicious lunch. It is easy to prepare and require no special cooking skills.
  12. Chili Fish
    Fish takes very less time in marinating and the cooking time is also less. Easy recipe, Flavors of herbs and spices along with quick preparation make this dish a part of the 25 easy recipes and menu ideas for bachelors.
  13. Sabzi fry
    Try something different every time you cook. Alter the recipes according to your taste and experiment with your cooking. Only then you will enjoy it! Sabzi fry sounds different so let’s try it in the bachelor kitchen and appreciate the taste.
  14. Aloo matar
    This recipe will remind you of home and the aloo matar your mother used to make for you with the fresh chapattis.
  15. Garlic Bread
    Serve Garlic bread with your pizza, pasta, steak, ginger chicken or just having it as a snack with a glass of fresh juice. You can buy the bread from a nearby bakery to make you work easy and do the rest at home with ease.
  16. Mexican Stir Fry
    Bored of eating the same taste again and again? Try a different cuisine and explore this easy Mexican Stir fry and become its fan.
  17. Beef Burgers
    On a Sunday prepare the beef patties and freeze them. Now whenever you are tired or friends come over without informing, you just need some buns and ketchup to prepare the burger treat in no time!
  18. Aloo Qeema
    Aloo qeema being a favorite of many is so easy to make. Follow this recipe and be a desi kitchen king.
  19. Garlic Prawns
    Prawns are my favorite and if you also order garlic prawns in your preferred restaurant than this is your chance to make them easily at home and enjoy the lip-smacking meal.
  20. Crispy Fried Fish
    You can also make crispy chicken with the same recipe only the cooking time will be different.
  21. Veggies dish
    Vegetables are always a healthy option. Try not to overcook them so that the flavor remains intact.
  22. Cheese Potato Omelet
    Here comes a breakfast favorite. You can replace potatoes with mushrooms or add something else you like to invent your own yummy omelet.
  23. Anday Timatar Gravy
    Want something with naan and want it quick? Try this dish with eggs and tomatoes made in a desi style.
  24. Chicken Green Karhai
    Karhai is full of traditional taste and the easiest of all the 25 easy recipes and menu ideas for bachelors. Mix all ingredients and cook well! That’s all you need to do for a perfect taste!
  25. Kheer
    To complete the easy bachelor recipes, an easy traditional dessert is a must! Kheer (rice pudding) is not just easy to prepare but can be a delightful dessert to serve your friends and fellows.

Finding some recipes and doing exactly what is written can give you a perfect dish sometimes but will not teach a bachelor how to cook. So, if you act on my advice, I believe that you can only learn if you practice, grip some basic culinary skills and experiment on the recipes according to your taste and availability of the ingredients. I hope the recipes listed above will be of some help and make your bachelor cooking a healthy, easy and interesting experience.

Don’t forget to share with us your valuable comments on the article and memorable experiences from your bachelor life cooking.


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