Almonds in Urdu: بادام

Almonds in Roman Urdu: badam

Did you forget something? Don't worry at all because you are blessed with almonds and it is surely a sharp memory dry fruit. There are two ways that almonds are being sold, shelled or unshelled. The almond tree grows 13 to 33 ft high and the fruit is 1 to 2 inch long. At first the shells are green, then they turn purple and at last, they are seen light brown in color. In Pakistan, India and Iran people call it as badam. United States of America accounts for the largest production of almonds of about 80% annually and there almond milk, flour and syrup are popular throughout the world. 

How beneficial are almonds:

  • If you consume almonds 5 times a week, the risk of heart attack decreases.
  • They give your bones strength and makes your teeth much stronger.
  • Maintains blood sugar and cholesterol level.
  • Regulates your brain activity as a machine if you make it a habit to eat almonds daily.
  • The nervous system gets nurtured.
  • People who are tired of hair loss, get almond oil and use it. It gives your hair strength and heaviness.
It is evident that almonds are best for memory. We surely remember the time when our parents use to give us seven almonds to eat before exams. The secret is that it contains high levels of protein, zinc, Vitamin B6, omega 3 and omega 6 in it which is the most powerful generator for our memories. Secondly, almond oil for hair is also the second best use of almonds as they are rich in magnesium and Vitamin D which helps in making the roots stronger and gives you a healthy look.