Aloe in Urdu: الوے

Aloe in Roman Urdu: Aloe

Aloe plant belongs to Asparagacea a different family, it has almost above 500 species most widely known specie is Aloe vera. Aloe are large, thick and fleshy leaves, they vary in color from grey to  bright green. the usage of alevora is both internal and external, the research have proved that aloe vera has alot of medicinal advantages. Different parts of plants are used for different purposes, the aloe vera juice can be used for skin purposes and some can use it in salad to get benefits from this incredible plant

Healthy facts about Aloe

  •  Aloe vera contains alot of minerals and vitamins which includes vitamins A,C,E, folic acid, B1,B2,B6 and B12.
  •  Aloe vera is rich in amino acid and fatty acid, amino acid is good for protein in body and fatty acid on the other hand is useful for indigestion and acidity issues.
  •  The use of aloe vera builds up a very strong immunity, to fight back against the stress which includes all sorts of emotio nal,physical and mental stress(pollution).
  •  Aloe vera use is good for digestion process, it gets the bowel movement on track solve issue like constipation and diarrhea keeping our healthy intestinal flora in balance.
  •  Aloe vera uses anti toxin which helps to remove waste from body and detoxyfy it and helps you reduce weight.
  • Aloe vera plays a very important role to clean the blood circulation in the body, lowers down the cholesterol level and thus improve the heart rate.
  • Aloe vera is a very important substance used in cosmetic industry, it has numerous advantages for skin, treating to acne, wounds and bruises and thus maintaining a healthy glowing skin.
Aloe vera has alot of benefits which is restricted towards medicinal more but the use of aloe vera for long term can lead o a loss of electrolyte particularly potassium which can be harmful for your body in the long run, thus the correct amount of dose and use is advisable for a healthy living.