Alum in Urdu: فٹکری

Alum in Roman Urdu: Phitkari

Alum is basically use to purify water since ages, it is a chemical compound, it is mostly used in industrial processes. This particular compound is sweet in taste, white crystal kind of blocks they can vary in sizes or it can be sold in powder form as well, and are easily soluble in water. It is also used in many other things like cosmetics, culinary, medicine. this particular compound is not expensive at all and is the remedy for many diseases at home

Alum uses and benefits

  • The use of alum is a very effective remedy for cracked heels. alum heated first and then mixed with coconut oil provides a great relief to cracked heels.
  • Alum has beaten all the expensive branded after shave creams this natural god gifted thing if applied after shave for few seconds on face, gives it  a very natural glow and is great for skin.
  • Alum is a an amazing water purifier, one block alum put in dirty/muddy water helps the dirt settle down and given you a clean purified water.
  • Alum also plays a  very good role for hair removal problems in women, applying alum powder with water for some time period consistently helps the hair growth lessen down.
  • Alum is also used as a cosmetic product its very good for treating pimples and for wrinkles as well.
  • Alum spice usually found in the spice section of grocery store is very good in terms of preservative foods in order to maintain the freshness and crispiness of  a particular food.
Now the basic question which comes in our mind that is it safe? Well the answer to this question is there are many types of alum available each alum is used for different purposes, alum used in deodorant might get absorbed in skin and travel down through bloodstream on the other hand alum used in water purifier is safe.