Beans in Urdu: پھلیاں

Beans in Roman Urdu: Phaliyan

Beans are a kind of seed which are consumed y both animals and humans, its also been use as a synonym of pulse there are many kinds of beans available. It is mainly used for oil extraction and is also used for many other purposes like in sowing and culinary purpose as well. Beans serves a lot of nutrition value as it contains high content of fiber. It is mainly produced in Burma, India and Brazil.

Nutritional facts of Beans

  • People who eat beans consistently experience less tummy problems like gas and bloating than others who consume it very less.
  • Beans are rich in fiber, fiber content in any food is good for you heath and stomach as you don't face constipation issues and your bowel movement remains healthy, fiber make your tummy feel full in this way you are unlikely to eat excessive food.
  • Beans are very good for digestion.
  • Beans help you control sugar level in your body, because of so much fiber and protein the carbs of the bean get absorbed at a very slower rate this helps you to keep blood and sugar level in control.
  • Beans consumption is also good for maintaining cholesterol level in the body which ultimately also effects your cardiovascular system, consumption of beans helps you to stay away from all sorts of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Beans helps you to keep your weight in balance, the fiber content in the beans gives you the feeling of tummy being full this eventually makes you eat less and at delayed periods and flush out your system easily.
  • Beans are rich in iron and other vitamins which are necessary for your health and body, which keep your body going on.
  • Beans are also known for educing the risk of cancer, they have such antioxidants which fight against the radicals which can destroy your cells and lead to cancer.
  • Beans has alot of culinary use too, bean recipes includes beans salad, bean curry, baked beans. Beans cooked with other things also gives an excellent taste and should be included as part of your meal to avail all the nutritional benefits of it.
Out of all the beans kidney beans and lentils are by far the most healthiest beans while soya beans and peas have lesser amount of nutrition per serving,